This isn't everyone I have ever known with a home page, but it is a few of them.

Bob Holum of Castro Folk Dancers.

Robert Wells Kingdon, grandfather.

Kevin, boyfriend.

Geoff Duncan, a former roommate and pretty fun guy.

Tom Geller is someone I knew at Oberlin and seem to find a certain number of common interests with.

Eric Peterson. Someone I dated in 1995.

Tor Kingdon, brother.

David Heitler-Klevans is someone I know from Junior High school and college. His page concerns his career singing children's and folk music.

Jon Lasser, also from the DC Linux User's Group, gets an honora..., well gets a mention for introducing me to the XScavanger video game (a lode runner clone). I wasted, er, spent much of the summer of 1997 playing it. I solved it before the $20 prize was claimed but didn't see much point in claiming the prize because some starving student would appreciate the $20 more. Now, of course, I can't prove that I really solved it first. Oh well.

My dad recommended Ladies in Lavender (2004)

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