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I mostly don't list minor edits here.

26 Apr 2018: Fix broken link and slightly update Helium 3 market sizing on the Extraterrestrial Resources page.

14 Sep 2007: Make an effort at a few updates to the launchers page. The basic picture - what people are trying to do and what they have in mind charging - hasn't changed much. Suborbital is much more real; that's the big thing. (Maybe someday I'll break out some of the historic details to footnotes or something, but basic things like intended price/kg is just as relevant for an old startup as a new one).

3 Oct 2004: Add Futron study to the tourism page. Clean up a few broken links.

11 Nov 2003: Some rewording to the Launchers page to reflect parts that are from 1996.

12 Sep 2003: Add space elevator section on Launchers page.

28 Aug 2002: Add link to James Oberg article on tourism page.

23 May 2002: Add 2002 FAA forecasts for numbers of launches.

17 May 2002: On military page, add a link to Space Weapons Earth Wars. On advertising page, add 1993 references to the Congressional Record concerning space billboards.

2 Feb 2002: On movies page, add a link concerning Yuri Kara's 1997-1998 plan to make a movie on Mir.

22 Apr 2001: On manufacturing page, add links concerning Bristol Myers Squibb research into antibiotic production.

7 Jan 2001: On manufacturing page, add links to articles concerning bacterial growth and to the Cypress testimony regarding Wake Shield.

28 Oct 2000: On novelties page, add a bunch of links concerning Applied Space Resources and other various products. On launcher page, Beal has ceased operations.

3 Mar 2000: On manufacturing page, add link to Future Biotechnology Research on the International Space Station.

23 Jan 2000: On burial page, add mention of 21 Dec 1999 Celestis flight.

21 Jan 2000: On supply page, add bit about cost to refurbish Mir for commerce.

22 Nov 1999: On tourism page, Space Adventures has acquired Zegrahm Space Voyages.

6 Oct 1999: On tourism page, mention market research by DaimlerChrysler Aerospace.

30 Sep 1999: On advertising page, add link to article on Pizza Hut ad.

23 Sep 1999: On tourism page, mention Florida Today article concerning Hilton, Bigelow, and Incredible Adventures. On summary page, update for 1999 COMSTAC report.

26 Aug 1999: On advertising page, add link to article on the Mir ad for More.com.

7 Feb 1999: Move the items on the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center to a sub-page of the Entertainment page, add one new cite and move a bunch of cites from the "pending" page.

3 Feb 1999: Add KPMG to summary page and communications page. On communications page, change the 3 segments Point to Point, Broadband, and DBS to two: Point to Point and Broadcast.

21 Nov 1998: Update the EarthWatch information on the remote sensing page. New supply side page reorganizes existing material and also contains material about Mir Pathfinder (which I hadn't previously discussed).

26 Oct 1998: Mention space mirrors and a bit more about power retransmitter satellites on the utilities page.

4 Oct 1998: Update the summary page with some data from the 1998 OCST reports (there has been a big downturn in demand, with the Asian financial crisis as the largest single cause).

20 Jul 1998: On summary page, link to Teal Group site. On OCST page, mention that 1998 reports are out (although I haven't had a chance to read them yet).

24 Apr 1998: On tourism page, add online copy of the Barron Hilton paper from 1967.

5 Mar 1998: On launchers page, add Spaceviews article with some more information about the schedules for the reusable startups.

25 Feb 1998: On movies page, add information about proposed Mir movie and TV news flights.

20 Feb 1998: On remote sensing page, expand the list of systems with new cites to Trends in Commercial Space, Florida Today, and an Earthwatch news release.

16 Feb 1998: On burial page, add Celestis flight on 10 Feb 1998.

9 Feb 1998: On Advertising page, add QVC.

7 Feb 1998: Add Japanese page.

7 Jan 1998: On advertising page, add idea about advertising on rockets using lighting rather than paint or decals.

4 Jan 1998: On remote sensing page, link to SpaceViews article regarding loss of contact with EarlyBird.

31 Dec 1997: Update remote sensing page, including a list of companies.

17 Dec 1997: On advertisement page, add link to information on Israeli milk ad.

14 Dec 1997: On tourism page, add idea about calibrating the studies with other forms of adventure tourism.

1 Dec 1997: On tourism page, reorganize and add a few more companies.

25 Nov 1997: On tourism page, try to update Casey Aerospace information. On utilities page, add paragraph about NASA "fresh look" study.

17 Oct 1997: OCST 1997 LEO report is online.

13 Sep 1997: Add launchers page.

8 Sep 1997: Mention Florida Today Buzz Aldrin article on entertainment and tourism pages. On summary page, also mention Euroconsult forecasts.

2 Sep 1997: On military page, add paragraph about military applications of Earth Transport.

29 Aug 1997: On manufacturing and entertainment pages, add much information from the Potomac Institute study.

18 Aug 1997: On communications and summary pages, update the information on the OCST reports. The 1997 reports are now out.

16 Aug 1997: Various tweaks to communications page, in particular new links to the "Emerging New Services" article from Telecom 95, and to the Lawyers Communication Network release.

12 Aug 1997: Break out space settlements into a separate page, slightly expanded with a link to the PERMANENT site.

5 Aug 1997: On tourism page, add paragraph about adventure tourism in Antarctica.

9 Jul 1997: Add Mattel toy to novelties page and update information on USA shuttle products.

30 May 1997: The full text of the Commercial Space Transportation Study is now online. Add mention of this on my CSTS page.

14 May 1997: Add page concerning the OCST market assessments and link to it from the relevant parts of the communications and summary pages.

6 May 1997: On tourism page, add German flight to the section on what it costs for a trip to Mir.

26 Apr 1997: Add new page with text from the CSTS introduction (linked to from each place the CSTS is cited). On burial page, revise to reflect success of Celestis flight. On manufacturing page, briefly refer to Potomac Institute study.

18 Apr 1997: On burial page, also link to Florida Today article about the history of Celestis and the Florida regulators.

16 Apr 1997: On manufacturing page, add paragraph on aerogels, including a number of links to other aerogel pages.

12 Apr 1997: On manufacturing page, add paragraph about other potential products that I have little information on. Add link to Delucas testimony on protein crystals. Add link to zeolite paper.

11 Mar 1997: Revise and greatly expand the Helium 3 section on the Extraterrestrial Resources page, including some new links.

4 Mar 1997: Edits to burial page. Updates information on when the first launch will be and adds a few calculations about what size might be possible for this market.

3 Mar 1997: On transport page, mention acceleration of roller coaster and simulator rides for comparison. On entertainment page, expanded information on KSC Visitor Center expansion. On science page, add paragraph on asteroid detection.

28 Feb 1997: On utilities page, cite Moon Miners' Manifesto article on Power Retransmission Satellites.

24 Jan 1997: Add section on celebrity appearances to entertainment page, with cite to Florida Today article on the subject.

18 Jan 1997: Add details (such as I have them) about when the first space burial flight will be.

28 Dec 1996: Add 1996 in review page. On communications page, add discussion of GEO vs. LEO for point-to-point applications, with reference to Marco Caceres' comments. On summary page, add paragraph about aerospace company forecasts (especially LockMart). On positioning page, add link to Trends in Commercial Space article. On tourism page, add link to Florida Today article about new microgravity aircraft business.

21 Dec 1996: On positioning page, expand discussion of European, Japanese, and Chinese plans, with a few new cites. On summary page, add paragraphs about OCST and Paul Hans forecasts.

20 Dec 1996: Add speculative paragraph to manufacturing page about alcoholic beverages and the general idea of a manufacturing/novelty hybrid.

26 Nov 1996: Expand movies page to include TV as well, and include new data on various aspects of movies/TV. On manufacturing page, add mention of CASIMIR experiment.

18 Nov 1996: On tourism page, add link to article about Space Marketing, Inc., lottery plans.

13 Nov 1996: Add new summary page.

24 Sep 1996: On tourism page, add link to Russian State Cosmonauts Training Center site.

17 Sep 1996: On advertisement page, add paragraph about launch viewings.

11 Sep 1996: On conferences page, add Third Annual International Lunar & Mars Exploration Conference.

7 Sep 1996: On advertisement page, mention MTV/Mir event, Space Marketing, Inc., and would-be Conestoga ad.

4 Sep 1996: To tourism page, add link to Florida Today article which mentions price that France paid for a trip to Mir. Rewrite communications page. The content is similar, but reorganized. There is one new link, to an article on tracking elephants.

25 Aug 1996: Add text from CSTS regarding the history of Celestis and Florida regulators (see space burial on main page).

21 Aug 1996: On entertainment page, add links to articles about Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center and Gorky Park.

10 Aug 1996: On entertainment page, add paragraph about Space World.

24 Jul 1996: Add paragraph to tourism page explaining why I say more about transportation than on-orbit facilities like space hotels.

17 Jul 1996: On tourism and conferences pages, add link to the page for the Space Frontier Foundation's Space Tourism conference.

16 Jul 1996: On communications page, add links to some press releases regarding upcoming Direct Broadcast Satellites. This market is starting to look larger than I thought.

14 Jul 1996: On manufacturing page, add link to Scientific American article on Spacehab.

1 Jul 1996: Add link to European Space Agency press release regarding positioning satellites.

29 Jun 1996: On the remote sensing page, link to the page at the Federation of American Scientists. This link replaces the motley collection of links I had here before, as their page is much more comprehensive and well-organized than what I had. Recommended.

28 Jun 1996: Update tourism and conferences pages with news of ISST postponement. On entertainment page, add link to article about KSC visitor's center.

12-15 Jun 1996: To space tourism page: reorganize according to destination; add link to X-prize page; add attempt at analyzing high price points; add paragraph concerning correlating survey results with ticket purchases.

8 Jun 1996: Rewrite and greatly expand novelties section, on main page and on a new novelties page. Add links to KSC and JSC visitors centers on entertainment page. Add movies page with link to Artemis documentary article. Reorganize extraterrestrial resources into its own page and add link to Artemis oxygen article. Add CSTS statistics on size of communications market and portion served by satellites to communications page.

6 Jun 1996: On utilities page, link to Spaceviews mention of Landis solar power satellite design.

27 May 1996: On main page, link to Lincoln Lab GPS/Glonass site.

23 May 1996: Add to the manufacturing page a link to Delucas et al article on technical issues involved in protein crystalization.

22 May 1996: Updated Coke/Pepsi information on advertisements page. Add Forever Bound link to entertainment page. Add link to Celestis update to space burial section of main page.

early May 1996: Add various information and links (communications and remote sensing: 1996 OCST LEO report and Sovinformsputnik; advertising: Final Frontier update, Coke and Pepsi info; manufacturing: Weldon speech from congressional record). Added "about the author" page.

26 Apr 1996: Communications page: Add DigitalXpress and ICO.

24 Apr 1996: Added information on ISU 1997 conference (see conferences page).

5 Apr 1996: Tourism page: add another space tourism study and a paragraph on high price points including the flights to Mir which the Russians have been offering.

12 Mar 1996: Add LunaCorp link to entertainment page, ORBIMAGE link to remote sensing page, and Glonass and GPS links to main page. Rewrite remote sensing paragraph on main page.

24 Feb 1996: Revisions to the communications page (in particular a link to Lloyd Wood's pages, which are very comprehensive and worth checking out). Re-order markets on main page. Convert mass figures to kilograms.

19 Feb 1996: Added some links to Space Technology Innovation articles on main page (regarding CSTS), manufacturing page, and utilities page.

18 Feb 1996: Rewrote communications section (mainly, rely on OCST rather than CSTS data where they overlap) and move all but a summary to a separate page. Split government into (1) military and (2) science and technology development (with a small increase in content). Added new data to noise, space manufacturing, and tourism pages.

throughout 1995: Various edits, not listed here.

early 1995 or so: Create page, as a CSTS summary. Note that CSTS data is from May 1994 or somewhat earlier.

This page is part of Jim Kingdon's space markets page.