Jim Kingdon, Amateur Space Policy Analyst

I've been interested in space ever since, as a kid, I went to hear Jim Loudan's lectures at the University of Michigan, and would sit there entranced as he described the latest findings from Viking or other space probes.

Since about 1989, I have been reading the space groups on usenet on and off. With the blossoming of information available on the internet, I have found that it is a lot easier for an individual in their free time to follow what is going on, and I find fewer and fewer reasons to try to make it to a bricks and mortar library. My interests have included space markets, NASA organization (for example, the NASA institutes, conduct of peer reviews like Discovery, and other such topics), and launchers (both expendable and reusable rockets, including technical, management, and financing issues).

My main publication is the space markets web page, which I have written and tried to keep up to date since 1995. In 1996-1997 or so, I also wrote regularly for the sci.space.policy usenet group; what I said there might or might not be particularly worth preserving or seeking out.

I also have a personal home page and a (computer industry) work page.

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