Usenet2 discussions on Space?

Interested in a more civil discussion group than*?

Haven't found an appealing web discussion board on space?

Join me in

About net.*: Usenet2 has rules which limit cross-posting and other undesirable behaviors, and I have found usenet2 culture so far to be more civil than Big 8 Usenet culture. For lots more general information on usenet2, see the official web page.

Why Since, like most usenet2 groups as of fall 1997, has no traffic, there is no danger that space posts will get lost among non-space posts. If there is sufficient space traffic we can get an appropriate group created ( or whatever).

OK, How do I get If you see no traffic, don't panic, this is a group (and hierarchy) in the process of coming together. If you want to be able to post, ask your provider whether they plan to carry net.*, or panix and newsguy are two providers who already carry it.


What else? No doubt there are other things which could be done, such as making a list of people who are potentially interested (but who perhaps haven't yet gotten usenet2 access), publicizing this page (links are welcome), &c. I don't have firm plans to do anything beyond what I have done so far.

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