Jim Kingdon's microDCL page

The microDCL package by Michel Valentin is a small DCL-like command interpreter for MS-DOS. I tried version 0.1 (10-JAN-1992). I got it here (now seemingly down).

First, the good news. It unpacked and ran without a hitch (I was using Windows 95). The simple commands that I tried worked without problems.

Now, the bad news. I didn't see any source code, nor evidence of it being available anywhere. And the package is not free software (as defined by the Debian Free Software Guidelines); the README.1ST file says "I wrote microDCL just for the fun during my holydays and anyone who likes it is free to use or distribute it (provided that no fee will be charged)." These might be solvable problems, if someone wants to try to contact the author and see about it.

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