Cyclic expands $200 Basic Support Package

Now covers linux and client/server CVS

Programmers, web authors, and others maintaining their documents with the CVS version control software can now get Cyclic's Basic Support package for linux and for the client/server CVS. The price is unchanged at $200/user, and CVS on Windows continues to also be supported.

One of CVS's key advantages is its ability to work well over a wide area network. This entails using the client/server CVS. For Basic Support, either Red Hat Linux or Windows are supported for the client, and Red Hat Linux is supported for the server.

Along with this change we are reducing the time period for Basic Support from two years to one.

We've also had the issue arise of what if more than one user want to share a single Basic Support registration. Our policy now is that a Basic Support registration supports a single user per registration, concerning problems experienced by that user with CVS. If you have more than one user per registration, that is OK but in that case support is limited to 2 problem resolutions per year. Support still must be through a single contact person per registration.

Cyclic Software sells support for CVS, a cross-platform, easy to administer client/server configuration management system. For more information on Cyclic and CVS, see our web page at