CVS 1.10 Released

New version includes bug-fixes and does not rely on external RCS programs

Cyclic Software announces the release of CVS 1.10. Programmers and web authors who version-control their files with CVS can gain the benefit of the most bug-free and easy to install CVS release to date. CVS 1.10 is now available for free Internet download, with availability on CD-ROM to follow.

A few of the differences between CVS 1.9 and 1.10 are:

CVS 1.10 is now available for internet download (see for details on how to get it). Cyclic expects to be soon selling a CD-ROM containing CVS 1.10; we will make a separate announcement once we are shipping the CD-ROM product.

Cyclic Software sells support for CVS, a cross-platform, easy to administer client/server configuration management system. For more information on Cyclic and CVS, see our web page at