Cyclic Publishes GCC products

Introduces reference card and coffee mug for the GNU compiler

Cyclic Software announces the GCC reference card ($20 for a package of 10) and the EGCS coffee mug ($15). The reference card helps software developers by listing the most commonly used options for GCC, the GNU compiler. The coffee mug contains the logo for the EGCS project (GCC development project).

In addition to being sold by itself, the GCC reference card is available as part of a package of 10 Assorted Reference Cards, which contains the following reference cards: 3 CVS, 3 GCC, 2 ANSI C, 1 Emacs, and 1 vi.

The EGCS mug features the logo from the EGCS project (which is one of the groups working on ongoing development of GCC). The EGCS logo shows a GNU emerging from an eggshell.

The new products are available at Cyclic's online store, which features international shipping, credit card orders, and more.

Cyclic Software sells products and services for programmers who are using CVS and other free software. CVS is a cross-platform, easy to administer client/server configuration management system. For more information on Cyclic and CVS, see our web page at

Nit-pick historical note: this actually went out 1 Apr 1999 but we're calling it 31 Mar 1999 to avoid confusion with April Fools Day news releases