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Trip to Stokes State Forest (written by David L. on 10/27/2010)
9/17-19/2010: We camped on sites 17 and 18 in the Ocquittunk campground. It had rained hard on Friday, so when we arrived on Friday night, the brook bordering our sites was swollen and noisy. Debby and I set up our tent, and Ken joined us an hour or so later.

The campsite was cool and pleasant on Friday night, and the sound of the stream quickly put us to sleep. I was the first one up on Saturday morning--the first thing I did was to gather wood for a fire. Ken came out of his tent shortly after I did and left for work (poor Ken!). With Debby's help, some fire starter, and a lot of fanning, the campfire was ignited! We discovered that a legal-sized clipboard is an excellent tool for fanning fires.

Denise arrived in the late morning, and we all drove to Sunrise Mountain for a hike. From the Sunrise Mountain parking lot, we went north on the Appalachian Trail, turned left on Cartwright, and left on Tinsley. When Tinsley crossed Sunrise Moutain Road, several of us were tired so we walked on the road the rest of the way back to the parking lot.

Ken rejoined us on Saturday evening around the campfire. On Sunday, Ken, Debby and I drove to nearby Buttermilk Falls and we all walked up the rock stairs by the falls. Then we headed home.
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