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Cabin trip to Fahnestock State Park (written by David L. on 11/30/2010)
11/6-7/2010: Five of us shared cabin 1 at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center.

I met Ken around 11 AM in the Pelton Pond parking lot on Route 301. From there, we drove to a trailhead and hiked (mostly on the Three Lakes Trail) for five miles or so. There were a lot of wet leaves underfoot, and I slipped during the middle of the hike. I got up and was fine.

After the hike, we scouted the Fahnestock group sites which were nearby. We liked site #2, but the road leading to the site had some large rocks. If we ever camp here, driving up to the site to unload our gear might be a problem.

Ken and I then drove to the Taconic Outdoor Education Center and found the other three people. We went to dinner in Cold Spring, and in the middle of the meal, my right foot started really hurting. Apparently, I had sprained my ankle during the hike but there was no pain until I started eating. Go figure!

Instead of joining my friends for dessert, I bought ice and drove back to the cabin. Applying the ice and elevating the leg made it feel better. When the other four returned, we played board games (go and Scrabble) until it was very late.

The next morning, we ate a hearty all-you-can-eat breakfast at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center. The staff was setting up for a ski sale/swap event, but I decided to play it safe and I drove straight home so I could rest my leg. Fortunately, it stopped hurting by Monday. I haven't thought about it since.
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