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Campers' Group Bulletin - Summer 2004

Campers' Group Bulletin - Summer 2004

I just got back from the Memorial Day Weekend camping trip to Jenny Jump State Forest in northwest New Jersey. We hiked, we swam (at the nearby Mohican Outdoor Center), and we relaxed around the campfire. It was a great start to the camping season.

You can expect to pay a few dollars more at New Jersey group sites because the rates have gone up slightly. Group campsites are still incredibly inexpensive.

To reserve a space on a weekend trip or a day event, call the leaders during the listed time period. If you need information earlier than the dates listed below, call David at 718-897-1448. You can mail us your dues or pay it at the trip or event. One year's membership costs $12 for an individual or $18 for a family ($8/individual or $12/family if you receive the newsletter by e-mail). Make your check payable to Campers' Group and mail it to David Levner, 63-36 98th Place #5J, Rego Park, NY 11374.


June 11-13, Fire Island National Seashore, Watch Hill NY
We've reserved the group site at the National Park Service campground on Fire Island. The beach is world-class, the nature trail goes through five different habitats, and you won't see a car all weekend because no cars are allowed. Caution: Fire Island is a hotspot for ticks that carry Lyme Disease. Experienced campers only. Hot showers and flush toilets. NO CALLS BEFORE JUNE 4.
Frank Jones 914-632-8997  Kirsten Andersen 914-966-8077

Sunday, June 27, Day Trip, Arrow Park, Monroe NY
Looking for some childhood nostalgia like jumping off a dock in the middle of a lake? If so, picnic with us at this secret hiding place surrounded by forest land, and green, serene landscape. If you don't swim, consider a fun barefoot-hike, catching your balance on the slippery rocks of a streamlined trail. NO CALLS BEFORE JUNE 20.

Kirsten Andersen 914-966-8077

July 2-5, Hickory Run State Park, White Haven PA
Our group site extends deep into the forest. Sit by a tranquil stream less than 1 mile from the site. Lake swimming, 30 miles of hiking trails, Boulders' Field (a National Natural Landmark), and all-you-can-eat pancake breakfasts at the Hickory House. Near the Lehigh River for canoeing, rafting and tubing. Outhouses by the site, flush toilets and showers by the lake. NO CALLS BEFORE JUNE 25.

Glenn Moller/Madeleine Dorval 718-789-3651  Denise Drossos 718-435-3169

July 16-18, Buttonwood Hill Campsite in Wharton State Forest, Batsto NJ
We have this campsite all to ourselves in the middle of Wharton State Forest. Wharton, the largest park in New Jersey, is within a pine barren where the soil is sandy and pine trees predominate. The canoeing is really good on the Batsto and Mullica Rivers. You can swim in Lake Atsion or hike on trails that lead directly from the campsite. The restored historic village of Batsto is a few miles down the road. Outhouses and flush toilets. NO CALLS BEFORE JULY 9.

Mary Jacobus/Julio Huato 718-972-3817

July 30-August 1, Worthington State Forest, Columbia NJ
We'll camp on a river site by the Delaware. Hikers can climb the Appalachian Trail to Sunfish Pond, an unspoiled glacial lake, or visit the Mohican Outdoor Center nearby. Chemical toilets by the site, and hot showers and flush toilets in another part of the park. NO CALLS BEFORE JULY 23.

Stephen Cardella 718-399-0107  Carol Shapiro 718-253-1078

August 13-15, Stokes State Forest, Branchville NJ
We're returning to shady Group Site H. This park has many hiking trails including six miles of the Appalachian Trail. You can also swim, boat and sunbathe. There are great views from the top of Sunrise Mountain and in the Tillman Ravine Natural Area. If the skies are clear at night, this will be a great weekend to see the annual Perseids meteor shower. Flush toilets and (new!) hot showers. Limited to 25 people. NO CALLS BEFORE AUGUST 6.

Rachel Friend 718-633-4181  Donna Perrone 212-254-9453

August 20-22, Promised Land State Park, Canadensis PA
Camp on a peninsula jutting out into Promised Land Lake. Swim at Pickerel Point, a short walk from the site, or rent a canoe and tool around Promised Land Lake. The ambitious can bicycle around the lake or explore the Bruce Lake Natural Area. The rest of us will follow the self-guided nature trail around Conservation Island. Outhouses by the site, flush toilets and 50-cent hot showers in another part of the park. NO CALLS BEFORE AUGUST 13.

Kirsten Andersen 914-966-8077  Terry Doyle 718-933-9807

September 3-6 (Labor Day Weekend), High Point State Park, Sussex NJ
We'll celebrate Labor Day Weekend at one of the coolest campsites in New Jersey-being at the highest point in the state keeps the temperatures down. Swim, boat, fish, hike the Appalachian Trail, ride your mountain bike and say hello to the friendly black bears. Pit toilets on the site, hot showers and flush toilets at the lake. Limited to 30 people. NO CALLS BEFORE AUGUST 27.

David Levner 718-897-1448  Don Blair 718-290-4691

September 17-19, Burlingame State Park, Charlestown RI
Near the ocean, criss-crossed with hiking trails, join us for one last summer weekend. The ocean is still warm enough to swim in. We'll share the park with rabbits, muskrat, mink, red fox, river otters, raccoons and weasels, and watch the birds by the 1000-acre Watchaug Pond. Hot showers and flush toilets. NO CALLS BEFORE SEPTEMBER 10.

Brian Ribner 203-743-9405  David Glass 914-833-2557

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