Mark's Projects

oldglory source code OldGlory: The Flag of the United States of America rendered in PostScript. PDF version also available.

xsc source code xsc: a clone of the old vector graphics video game Star Castle by Cinematronics. It is written in C++ and runs under X11 on UNIX.


pscal source code pscal: a Bourne shell script that produces simple, nice-looking PostScript calendars. I picked the original source up off USENET many moons ago, and modified it to teach myself PostScript.

This is a link to the first version I modified to include my new moon drawing routines. This was a challenge to implement because the laser printers on campus cost $0.10 per page. I used an early version of GhostScript from a text terminal with debugging statements to get the code close before sending anything to the printer.


icontact source code icontact: a Perl script to create "contact sheets" from many different graphic image files. The script constructs and executes pipelines of graphics filters to scale down and concatenate the image files. The output is very customizable. Requires NetPBM.


CGI Othello source code Othello: a CGI implementation of the game Othello in Perl. The computer color, board, and user's move are encoded in the URL, so no state information is necessary on the server side.


malloc() source code malloc(): a diagnostic implementation of the malloc() family of routines. This package features: boundary clobber checking, trace messages, checking for bad free() and realloc() calls, and pre- and post-allocation destruction of memory contents. The implementation is fairly simple so that it can be hacked on while debugging difficult memory problems.


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