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Full Archive (PKZipped to save space)  9245834 Bytes Unzip to disk, and read with little delay
Volume 1, Number 1, Summer; 1993 9295 Bytes First issue, mostly to keep people appraised of my whereabouts
Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 1993 13653 Bytes Went to both sides of page.  Added first graphic.  It was manually pasted in, and has been subsequently lost
Volume 2; Number 1, Winter 1994 89113 Bytes Went to electronic insertion of images.  Also went from copying to printing and typesetting from Postscript®
Volume 3; Number 1, Winter 1995 187531 Bytes Went to 4 pages.  Changed from symbol to numeric footnotes.  The stupid Matthew trick in which I learn that I am NOT a truck driver.
Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 1997 1518065 Bytes Started doing this in Microsoft® Word® from WordPerfect® added photographs
Volume 7, Number 1, Winter 1999 1622277 Bytes Author channels Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Trotsky)
Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 2000 1770637 Bytes The Elections without a single mention of the word "chad".  A spaghetti and cheese recipe.  I'm selling a protest T-shirt (how lame).
Volume 9, Number 1, Winter 2001 1500255 Bytes Moved to Baltimore, Maryland.  This issue came out so late that it was mailed with volume 10, sorry.  Wrecked my car.
Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2002 2878891 Bytes I experience the Bush Depression.  Move from offset printing to laser printing this thing.  Discover that Pop Tarts® can in fact go bad.
Volume 11, Number 1, Winter 2003 511715 Bytes Delayed to report to include December visit with West Coast family. Issue then sits on shelf waiting to be folded, stamped, and mailed as I work for the Dean campaign. My kids go sledding for the first time. I get assaulted. 4 generations in 2 photgraphs.
Volume 13, Number 1, Winter 2005 1657608 Bytes Yes, it came out over 6 months late, my bad.  On the plus side, I've added a color, so we have a color picture of all of us.

        You will notice an empty space in Volume 1, Number 2.  I physically pasted in the twisted holiday card that my brother sent me, and I no longer have a copy.  Sorry.
       I use the following file to imbed my funny footnotes.  I don't know how it works in MS Word, but in Wordperfect, you use end notes, and turn columns off and back on. I got this file when I imported the structure into Word.  This is a semi-automated system.  The footnotes number automatically, but the you have to copy the text back and forth across the boundaries.  In WordPerfect, you turn off the columns place the endnotes (not footnotes), and turn the columns back on.  In reveal codes it's [Col Off][Endnote Placement][Col On][HPg]. At that's at least what it shows in reveal codes for WP 5.2 for DOS.
        The secret is that my footnotes are really endnotes. The file allows them to start and stop endnotes wherever I want to.  According to MicroFlaccid tech support, this can't be done, but the WordPerfect converter a creates the necessary structure.
        The way that I give my footnotes their own footnotes is as follows.  I create a series of footnotes one after the other like this 11 12 13 .  In Word, I hide the last two footnotes, In Wordperfect, I make them .2 point high, so they appear like this11.  In the footnotes themselves, I add superscript symbols (typically three pound signs), and then replace them with the correct number when I am ready for a final draft.
        The reason I make "spaghetti footnotes" (Or as I like to think of them Terry Pratchett style) is because I talk that way.  I tend to go into minutia, and by footnoting and sometimes footnoting the footnotes, I keep a relatively clear narrative, and leave the digressions for later.  If you think it's confusing to read, you should try listening to it.

    You can create an Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) file using Ghostscript's® PDF conversion utility.  This involves installing the free program, and printing the file to disk as a Postscript® file.  It's fairly straightforward.  For something simpler you can use a conversion setup based on Gostscript® available at Babinszki's World you just upload to one directory, and download from another 15 minutes later.
    I find that Apple® Laserwriter® and Linotronic® drivers convert best.
    Gostscript® does a perfectly serviceable job of creating Adobe® Acrobat® files, they work, but they are 5-10% larger than what you would get with Adobe's® conversion utilities.  It also doesn't give you the bells and whistles (like content control, which I hate) of the commercial product.