What follows is even more disturbing and just plain uglythan this wallpaper.

In fact, it may be more ugly that this banner ad too.

While there is no scientific evidence gathered on this subject, I would like to state now, and FOR THE RECORD that I am not responsible for any medical problems, injuries, social problems, or cosmetic problems that might arise from viewing theBad Hair Web Page.

Effects may include: cardiac arythmia, stroke, cancer, (We're still working with the rats on this one) diabetes, a poor social life, epilepsy, PMS, alcoholism, obsessive compulsive behavior, the mange, and (of course) BAD HAIR .


Gee, it appears to produce the illusion of banner ads too…………Scary.

It is strongly recommended that you think seriously before you view this page. If you haven't considered the dangers inherent in this sort of activity, go back to my home page.

For the benefit of the truly clueless, JUST CLICK ON "Bad Hair Web Page" to see all the bad hair.