The Jcak Chick Parody Page

Who Is Jack Chick?

Jack Chick is a someone who puts out VERY BIZARRE comic-book style pamphlets espousing JEEBUS, which simultaneously offend Jews, Catholics, Moslems, Christian Rockers (WTF??), NASCAR racers, role playing gamers, and the entire activeduty US armed forces.

Read his stuff, and you have to ask yourself, "When will Jack Chick move out of his parent's basement?"

Basically, he's someone who can't see God, and needs to see someone to hate to convince himself of God's existence.

This is a collection of parodies of his work. You may appreciate them more if you go to the Jack Chick's Page first. I'm doing this because he used lawyers to threaten at least one, and perhaps more of the parodies off the web. Parody is protected free speech, and he's earned all the ridicule that his work generates. The guy who did this Howard Hallis, got a cease and desist from Jack Chick's lawyers and pulled the web page.

Well, this is funny, and makes more sense, without being a bigoted piece of brain damaged detritus like Jack Chick.

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