Updated 1/2/01  Changed Prices
Updated 9/28/01 Changed Contact Address.  I've also separated my political motivations to a separate page.

I'm unhappy with the anti-Democratic results of the last election.  At the present time, all I can do is print some T-shirts(how lame),  and come up with a logo.  This should provide some seed money for magazine for things like incorporation and a domain..

The original image was from the Texas State Library & Archives Commission, (my Texas tax dollars at work) and may be freely used as long as (quoting the email from them):

The minimum credit line is "Texas State Library & Archives Commission."
"Courtesy of ...." is nice.

It is preferable to have the credit line with the photo if possible. If it
has to be at the end of the publication for some reason, that is acceptable.

I have a full greyscale scan of the photograph as received, and the edited image with the "LIAR"©  logo on this page.  You should be aware that these are very large images.  I've set up everything with smaller image display sizes and tables, but it is still almost 20 meg of  images.  Note that it is on Angelfire so as not to exceed my quotas here.

I give my permission for people to use my design (the GW Bush "LIAR"© logo) for use on protest signs, buttons, links, etc.  Contact me if you have any other intended use, particularly a commercial use.  I would generally approve uses that would aid progressive causes.

You are completely free to use the unmodified image in accordance with the Texas State Library & Archives Commission limitations listed above.

Basically, I'm putting together a T-shirt that has the graphics that you see below.  The GW Bush "LIAR" design is ©Matthew G. Saroff, 2000.  Cost of the T-shirts will be as follows:
Price S, M, L, XL XXL XXXL
T-shirts $12.00 $13.50 $16.00
long sleeve T's  $17.00 $18.50 $20.00
sweatshirts $19.00 $20.50 $22.00

Shipping and handling charges are as follows.  Note that a normal or long sleeve T-shirt is one unit, and a sweat shirt is 2 units, so a T-shirt and a Sweat Shirt would be 3 units.  This is for Priority mail (1st Class for 1 unit):
Units 1 2 3 4 5 6
Packaging and Postage $3.00  $4.00 $5.00  $6.00  $7.00  $8.00 

Any proceeds will go to helping people set up effective ways to Scaife the people who have stolen this election.  It will probably go to purchasing a domain for the as yet unnamed magazine.

This is remaining stock and this is my balance sheet.

If you want to get some T-shirts, send an order, along with a check or money order to:

Matthew Saroff
3702 Labyrinth Road
Baltimore, MD 21215
Please include number of shirts, type (T, long sleeve, sweat, etc.), and SIZES.

The color scheme has been decided.  Black Shirt with white ink. You can go here to see what was originally put up for consideration.  It was 8-0 for white on black.

Any T-shirt order will come with a copy of  40 Years in the Desert, my annual personal news letter, while supplies last.  You will go onto my subscription list if you ask.  The link leads you to the online archives in PDF.

Here is the T-shirt image

Here is the image in low resolution Gray Scale

Here are a few link images:

White Background

Black Background
White Background Clear
Black Background Clear

If someone has information on setting up a web ring, contact me about use of the icons.

Here is a Republican dirty business link page for relevant information.

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