Lunch Carts

Lunch Carts, my entry into the 2011 Solo Photo Book Month, was uploaded a while ago.

This year's book is a look at various food carts on the streets of Manhattan, mostly in Lower Manhattan and the Flatiron District. The carts range from the traditional push carts selling hot dogs and pretzels to the more recent trucks selling tacos, ice cream, and all sorts of treats. Although I haven't eaten at all of these carts, I have gone to at least one of them for over twenty years.

This was my primary project for this year's SoFoBoMo. I shot it over the course of a week, and then procrastinated until the last week of the project before putting the book together.

What has become my annual trip into Apple Aperture has shown me that I really need to look into some third party training and books. The Apple documentation is somewhat lacking.

[Edited to change book link after SoFoBoMo closed down.]