This is a reprint, in slightly altered form, of Quipu 5, the July 1995 issue of a personalzine by Vicki Rosenzweig, 33 Indian Road, 6-R, New York, NY 10034 USA. Quipu 5 is Tesseract Press/Snapshot publication #373. This fanzine is available for The Usual: trade, letter of comment, arranged contribution, or by editorial whim. Sample copies cost $1. I will probably be posting future issues (and possibly even some additional back issues) of this zine on this Web site, but the paper version is primary: there may be graphics that I don't bother to scan, the HTML format isn't well-suited to the fannish tradition of interlineations, and the paper zine will generally be available before the Web one (in this case, approximately two years earlier). Email letters of comment may be sent to me at if you prefer that to paper.

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(Last modified 20 September 1997.)