"That's an odd crow noise."

'They're testing it. They'll try it out for a few years, and if they like it, it's distributed to all the crows. If not, they recall it.'


'Yes, it's part of the maintenance contract.'

--Kyaa! Kaw!

"Crows have maintenance contracts?"

'Well, some of them do.'

"And the rest pirate it? That sounds like a crowish thing to do."


"One pays for it and they all show up. Nobody can tell because they all look alike."

'No, it's even simpler. The one who paid for the contract shows up, gets the new call, and teaches it to the others.'

"I think we need to start an association to investigate the pirating of sounds by crows."

Copyright 1994 by Vicki Rosenzweig and Andy Hickmott

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