Quipu 10

This is the March 1999 issue of an irregularly published personalzine by Vicki Rosenzweig, 33 Indian Road, 6-R, New York, NY 10034 USA, or vr@interport.net. This issue features Ken Walton as guest poet, and the usual letters of comment; all material signed "VR" is by the editor. This is Tesseract Press/Snapshot publication #471; it is copyright 1999 by Vicki Rosenzweig. One-time rights only have been acquired from the contributors; all other rights are hereby returned to them. Quipu is available for the fannish usual, defined here to mean trade, (arranged) contribution, letter of comment, or whim. If you're reading the Web version, you don't have to respond, but I'd be glad to hear from you, and grateful for fanzines in trade.

Did you know that Americans have over 200 words for automobile?

*An Early Morning Adventure

*The Walrus and the Oyster, by Ken Walton

*Some thoughts on design


*Letters of Comment on Quipu 9

It must be spring--the rocks are turning green.

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