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"I'm just an advertisement/for a version of myself."
-- David Byrne

Below is very basic information about the different versions. Hopefully, in time, I'll be able to provide more specifics as info becomes available.

There are 3 main versions of UTEOTW that I know of. In addition to these, I am under the impression that the US theatrical release that I saw in January 1992 was distinct from either of those mentioned below.
The US Video Release (158 mins.)
  • This is probably the most available version, probably available at your local Blockbuster's (ugh).
The Japanese Import Laserdisc (3 Hours)
  • The Internet Movie Database has more specific info on this version.
  • I paid $215 for this at the New York City Virgin MegaStore in Times Square. I regret having only been able to watch it once (I don't own a laserdisc player myself), but it was well worth it.
  • My favorite aspect of this version is that, unlike the Warner Bros. video release, it's

    L E T T E R B O X E D !

  • In addition to the half-hour of footage not seen in the U.S. video version, this version contains an extra laserdisc containing a short film by ? called Dream Island. This artsy documentary was shot while Wenders and a special effects crew were in Japan designing the HDTV video for the dream sequences. The film, in my opinion, attempts to answer the question, "If our memories deteriorate, wouldn't the visual representation of those memories (as well as that of our dreams) also suffer from this deterioration?" That's not as eloquent as I'd like, but I'll get back to it. It's a beautiful film to watch, nonetheless.
  • Most notably added to this version of UTEOTW is further time spent on Claire and Sam's stop-over in San Francisco, including a confusing run-in with what appear to be bounty hunters or special agents of some sort. I'm told this is further explained in the "Trilogy" version mentioned below.
  • There are other minor scenes added to flesh out the story and give the characters more depth. One of the most memorable is a scene in which Masie (sp?), Edith Farber's tribal sister, starts tearing at the circuitry of the computer that processes dreams. This scene does a good job of showing how upset her people are at the direction that Henry's work is taking, especially in the face of his refusal to properly mourn.
"Trilogy" The Director's Cut (5 Hours)
  • A recent article in the March/April issue of Film Comment magazine focuses on the 5 hour version of UTEOTW and quotes Wenders as saying that general release of the Trilogy version is problematic due to legal considerations, but he would still like the film in theaters and eventually on laserdisc.
  • All information I have on screenings of Trilogy is second-hand. Many kind people who were fortunate enough to catch the film when it was screened over the last few months have e-mailed or posted to the guestbook to offer information and opinions. The verdict from all these people is unanimous. If you like UTEOTW, the you'll love UTEOTW: Trilogy.
  • Wenders was present at most, if not all of the screenings on the west coast. If anyone who reads this was present at any of these screenings, please e-mail me with your "testimony" about the screening. Myself and other fans of the film would be very interested in more info about this version of the film.
      Dates and locations of "Trilogy" Screenings:
    • According to the IMDB, it was screened on 12/6/96 at the University of Washington, with Wenders in attendance.
    • It was also screened in LA at the Harmony Gold Theatre in October, 1996.

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