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WebToTeach has been "history" for quite some time. But unlike many academic projects, it did not die! It became CodeLab, a commercially successful product used at dozens of colleges and universities.

What is WebToTeach and WHY should I use it?
The WebToTeach Clinical Trial
The WebToTeach Clinical Trial FAQ

On-line Demonstrations:

      Try the SIGCSE 2000 demo-- see WebToTeach from a student's point of view
      Try another demo, from a student's point of view

Current Servers:

Documentation (pdf files -- need acrobat 3.0 to view):

More Information:

Documentation (uuencoded compressed tarred postscript)-- need patience to view):

Remarks: The student manual is somewhat out of date-- circa September 1998. The interface has change some since then, mostly in obvious ways (more navigation links for example). A few new features have been added for the students that are not documented in the manual. Nonetheless, the student manual should be more than adequate as an introduction to WebToTeach for students. (In fact, students don't really need a manual for this for the most part-- their side of it is extremely straightforward and simple.)

The faculty manual is current (February 1999), but incomplete. It does not document the creation of multi-file exercises. Nonetheless, it covers most of what is not obvious.

Last updated 11/20/1999