This page serves one purpose, and one alone: to draw your attention to material I consider worthy of it. In a fleetingly few cases, I might point out material to be avoided, but by and large, I'm not going to waste my time on anything but really good material, stuff that deserves and demands wider attention

I might review books, comics, movies ... anything, just so long as it's a good story.

For your current perusal, we have reviews of:

Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's FROM HELL

The Hughes' brothers' movie adaptation of FROM HELL


John Ostrander's GRIMJACK

A minor comment on the notation above: I've tried to identify the primary contributors to the works I've reviewed. However, that's not always possible, especially in some cases where a very large number of talented people have worked on the story. In those cases, I try to pick the most consistent member of the driving creators to represent the book.

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