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About this web site

O.K., I confess, that's not really a picture of my brain. That's Dr. J. A. Scott Kelso's brain, taken from the Center for Complex Systems, at Florida Atlantic University. Do you want to see the rest of me?

The original picture was heavily modifed. I used bits and pieces of xv, xpaint, the pbm suite and especially xfig and mapedit. These were all run (and I do mean all, sometimes simultaneously) on an AMD DX-100, 16MB RAM, running Linux 1.2.13.

This web site was first created in 1996 as a place to play with CGI. The inspriration for the graphic theme came about while commuting on the subway to Fox Television Studios in NYC.

This web site has:

Having a stateless web site means never having to say you're sorry.

About the brain behind Mark's Brain

As you can tell, I've got a wide range of interests. Since about December of 1993, I've been ``signing'' my e-mail with a file that's included something like:

I want a newsgroup with a infinite S/N ratio! Now taking CFV on:


In that time, I've gotten quite a number of responses, including over fifteen people who fully or partially qualify for membership!

Let me know if you feel that you qualify for this exclusive, august group.

Were you/are you/will you be a

New! rock-climber?
pet bird owner?
pinball player?
ex- (or current) unix supporter?

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