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I've run Linux since the 0.97 kernel. In fact, this web site was originally prepared using free tools under Linux on an AMD 486DX-100, with 16MB or RAM, a shrinking IDE hard disk, and my bargin of the year--a $3 SCSI CD-ROM player.

I'm now running on somewhat faster hardware, and have given up using a desktop machine in favor of a laptop.

I've written some software that may be useful...

What about spam?

With apologies to Dr. Seuss

I'm a vegetarian, so I don't like the spam you can eat.
It is meat I do not eat.
I may just kick it with my feet.

That is one spam, yes it is.
The other spam comes in e-mail.
It seems to arrive like pounding hail.
There is so much spam e-mail.
It makes the hard drive flail and wail.
What to do with spam e-mail?
What to do with the spammers too?
Can you send them to jail?
Can you make their programs fail?

Of course, there's much better poetry about spam out there on the 'net.

Net Information

The 'net is a wonderful place, but it sure is getting crowded. Here are some nice places to find information.

The place to look first!
* ColumbiaNet
Various services, some local to CU, some 'net-wide. Good access to the library catalog.
* Lycos WWW Search Engine
* UMich Guides
* Gopher Jewels
* Galaxy's gopher (searchable).
* Galaxy
* CMU Gopher
* Library of Congress
* SRI NetInfo Archive
RFCs, RFPs, IETF papers, UFOs, and OGA (Other Good Acronyms)
* Thomas Register
Register of companies and businesses. Concentration on manufacturing.
Saw something vitally important in that universal sink hole of Real True Facts® known as Usenet? Can't remember when or where you read this nugget that could change civilization as we know it? Look no further, groups.google.com is a search engine for all net news traffic.

Netfind Services

Trying to find someone on the 'net, not something? Look no further:

* WAIS Search
* U.S. Whois
* Euopean Whois Server
* netfind
* KnowBot
* Guide to finding e-mail addresses

System Administration

Unix system administration references. Some of these are superb.

* Sturge's Unix help page
Some useful information, and the amusing (but huge) BOFH!
* Chris Shenton's notes on system adminstration
* Ensta Refs
Lots of locally written (not links) brief guides.
* Unix Guru Universe
Searchable, comprehensive, low graphics content!
*Searchable Unix Reference Desk
Very comprehensive, lots of texinfo.
* Unix File Cabinet
* Frank Fiamingo's Handbook
~200 pages of Sun stuff.
* How To Subnet

WWW Resources

Yes, I've also got a list of links to some resources on html and cgi stuff, just like everyone else on the net. Here they are:

* Yet Another ``How To Create Your Own Home Page'' Home Page
YAHTCYOHPHP Part 4, CGI programming
* w3.org
The site for definitive HTML definitions, and all the latest on the newest version.
* HTML quick reference/cheat sheet


Just like the 'net itself, here's a growing collection of flotsam and jetsam. All sorts of interesting things, heaped into a pile because they are too good to throw away, and rapidly getting too numerous to find anything useful anymore.

* Horror Stories
Real True Facts (believe it or not!)
* Risks Digest (also available as) comp.risks
* BFR's Select Unix Texts
* SunWorld Online
The former paper-publication, now a collection of bits. Search the back issues for terrific system administration, web, perl, and career columns.
* Dartmouth Security Archive
Mainly links to other sites.
* COAST/Spaf Page
Serious content. re. security, privacy, crypot, net.law, etc.
* NIH Security references
* DigiCrime
* ET Networking hardware

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