I began riding after being taught by a friend, but I strongly urge anyone considering motorcycling to take the MSF class. The best place in the NYC area to take the class is a Trama's (no, you wiseguy, that's not trauma). Auto sic School in Woodahven, Queens (718-847-2015).

I've been riding since 1986, all too often in NYC. I've even found some acceptable places to park a bike in NYC.

The first bike I owned was an 1977 KZ1000, very similar to this bike.
I got the KZ in 1989 as an abandoned vehicle. I certainly learned a lot about motorcycle mechanics, and pushing a bike!

My next bike, in 1993, was a BMW R1100RSA : It was a terrible lemon.

I then got a Yamaha GTS1000.

Click within the image to see details about the modifications I've done to the bike.

I also ride this GTS in Europe.


New! Take a sneak peek at a spy photo of Harley's new 2002 models. Shot at a secret off-shore test facility! _._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._

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