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What's new since 12/01/97.

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  • Sidereal [ New: 12/02/97 ]
    A utility that automatically displays the Local Mean Sidereal Time (local astronomical time) for the user's current home location and solar time.

data collection

  • FormIt for Newton [ New: 12/12/97 ]
    Create customized Newton 2.x OS stationery for the built-in Notes and NewtonWorks applications without any programming. Create your own personal Newton stationery by drawing your data fields using a MacDraw like interface on your Macintosh, edit data field names as appropriate (and other caption text), then download it to your Newton! The New button in Note/NewtonWorks is then used to add FormIt form entries to your Newton. Export/Import FormIt data to your Mac using the built-in. Version 2.1


  • Nflight [ New: 12/20/97 ]
    Nflight is a real-time, vector graphics, 3D flight simulator for use on Newton MessagePad 2000s. Includes throttle control, 8-direction control stick, altimeter, fuel gauge, airspeed indicator and 3D cockpit display.
  • WordWar [ New: 12/22/97 ]
    WordWar is a multiplayer Scrabble-like word strategy game. It supports 1 to 4 players.


  • planet Newton [ New: 12/12/97 ]
    Delivering a central place on the 'Net for rabid Newton fans like us to get together, read the latest Newton news, share usage and technical tips, download shareware and freeware, and get honest reviews of Newton products.

medical applications

  • PocketMD [ New: 12/22/97 ]
    Written by a practicing family physician, it brings the following information to the palm of your hand:
    • Over 270 abstracts from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, the world's premier source of evidence-based information
    • Over 240 critical appraisals of the most important articles in the literature for family physicians, from the Journal of Family Practice POEMs feature
    • Detailed information on 100's of diagnostic tests
    • Rational use of the history and physical examinaition
    • Summary information from the US Preventive Services Task Force and other evidence-based practice guidelines
    • Several useful clinical prediction rules, presented as interactive calculators
    All of this information is indexed, and accessible to you at the point of care within 15 seconds of deciding to search.


  • My Menora [ New: 12/12/97 ]
    A chanukah menorah for your newton...the full version only works between 3-8 pm during the nights of chanukah 1997. The candles will light the correct amount on the correct day of Chanukah for 1997 which are the nights from Dec. 23 - Dec. 30. Otherwise you can light the candles, and push the cheat button and you can get a glimpse of what its all about, with every other candle being lit...


  • Timecards [ New: 12/12/97 ]
    TimeCards (TC) is a little application specifically designed for tracking time spent working with different projects. Application Funtionality:
    • Aggregated views of time entries and comments displayed by day/week/month.
    • Data export to Tab delimited format.

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