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11 Years Later - A Newton Reincarnation?!

Apple's Jobs probed over Newton reincarnation

By AppleInsider Staff
Published: 10:00 AM EST 04 Mar 2008

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs was reportedly none too thrilled earlier this year when he sat down for an interview with a reporter who posed a question about the company's skunkworks operation to produce a modern day Newton tablet rather than chat about the MacBook Air.

"At Macworld, when I asked Mr. Jobs about the idea of an iPod Touch in a larger 'Safari Pad' format, he snapped at me, 'I can't talk about unannounced products,'" writes the New York Times' John Markoff. "Intriguing."

In fact, Markoff claims that Apple's multi-touch technology was conceived as part of a "note-pad" sized project run by the company's then head of Macintosh hardware Tim Bucher, and that it was internally referred to as "Safari Pad." Implementing multi-touch as part of revolutionary cell phone came later, he suggests.

The report by Markoff and reaction by Jobs serve only to bolster claims laid out by AppleInsider last September in its report regarding a modern day reincarnation of the Newton MessagePad, reminiscent of a larger iPod touch, yet far more capable.

In his column in the Times this week, Markoff speculates that the long rumored device may be Apple's answer to Amazon's Kindle eBook reader given Jobs' blatant criticism of the product and its ability to succeed.

"A familiar Jobsian strategy is to denigrate an entire category -- he did this with cellphones, for example -- before reinventing it with Apple panache," he wrote.

For its part, AppleInsider believes that Apple's ambitions for the project go far and beyond a digital book reader.


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Apple Discontinues Development of Newton OS
CUPERTINO, California--Feb. 27, 1998--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it will discontinue further development of the Newton operating system and Newton OS-based products, including the MessagePad 2100 and eMate 300.

Have web pages like The Wall Street Journal, CNN Interactive, The NY Times and other popular information sources ready and waiting for you each and every morning with WebXpress! Retrieve sports news, weather reports, technology updates, medical news, stock reports, you name it! WebXpress, delivering the Web to You.

LunaSuite LunaSuite adds Internet connectivity to the Newton, including MIME email, web browsing and ftp. LunaSuite tries to offer as much of the functionality you expect in the Newton platform. Currently in public beta testing.

HyperNewt 2.0 is a revolutionary new way to create and organize data on your Newton. HyperNewt allows data to be organized around meaningful relations. HyperNewt is more than a Notepad replacement or a hierarchical filing system -- it is the new interface to organizing on your Newton. Implementing a hierarchical filing system, HyperNewt lets users create any number of folders and subfolders to store notes, checklists, outlines, and other notepad stationery, in a cleaner and more efficient manner. Users can drag and drop items and folders to other locations, create aliases, and keep track of recently visited items and folders.

Tempest Productions
Couch Fire

A Guide to What's on TV
From your arm chair, quickly find your favorite shows using your Newton PDA. Couch Fire for Newton is a TV programming guide that includes accurate, weekly updates via email. Couch Fire combines the feel of a paper guide with the smarts of a computer. Its auto-updating TV grid and search tools make it easier to use and more powerful.

What's Right With The Newton
Newton evangelist, Bryan Oakley, presents a series of articles about the Newton.

Newt News
A weekly freeware newsletter that focuses on the Apple Newton and related technologies.

Catamount Software
Hardy Macia's software shop in Grand Isle, Vermont is one of the software companies building the software we want.

KISS Luna Solar System
The Luna Solar System

Using "flexible amorphous silicon" solar panels, the KISS Solar System - Luna supplies all the power that you'll ever need for your Newton

NS BASIC is a full implementation of the BASIC programming language for the Newton family. It allows rapid development of applications directly on the Newton, without needing the Newton Toolkit or a host system.

Newton Classifieds

Visit the Newton Classifieds. Buy and sell Newtons and Newtonstuff, it's free! While you're there, enter the weekly drawing for Newton products. Now featuring optional crossposting to the marketplace newsgroup.
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