On 11 June 1996, a three-judge panel in Philadelphia found the
so-called Communications Decency Act patently offensive on
constitutional grounds. Click on either graphic at the left
to read the unanimous decision of the district court.

"Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos,
so the strength of our liberty depends upon the
chaos and cacophony of the unfettered speech
the First Amendment protects."
Judge Stewart Dalzell

Christopher Locke's Checkered Career

Gory Details

Mostly, I've written a bunch of stuff about the Internet...

Gonzo Marketing: Winning Through Worst Practices

The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual

Entropy Gradient Reversals

For The Industry Standard

Fear and Loathing on the Web
Ticket to Write
Everyone's a Publisher
Let's Get Personal

For Forbes Digital Tool

End of your tether computing

For Microsoft Internet Magazine
Adventures in Cluelessness
Spam I Am -- The Joy of Junk E-mail
Secrets of Shameless Self-Promotion
We Came, We Clicked, We Yawned


Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
NC: An Acronym Revisited

For a conference at
Nets and Mirrors

"...the future lies not in mass production, mass merchandising, mass markets, mass media or mass culture."

For my own sanity (unpublished)

Online Community vs Media Spectacle
The Culture Industry and the Selling of Cyberspace

For OnTheInternet

Rock Steady

there's something happening here
but you don't know what it is,
do you...
Mr. Jones?

For internetMCI's Net Editors
Storytime "If NetWatch is a community, Chris Locke articulated its reason for success, even as we started. Storytime is still required reading."


Power Rap
Human Touch
The Future Internet
Stone Soup
Knowledge Exchange
Stalking the Global Internet


  (formerly InformationWeek)

How to Sell in Cyberspace

Original title: Straight Talk on Electronic Commerce

The World's Nervous System
Original title: Reading the Future

Networking On and Offline
Original title: Seven Principles of Highly Effective Networking

Coordinate With the Net
Original title: Cyber-Kaizen

Commercials in Cyberspace
Original title: Advertising on the Internet

Untangling The Web
Original title: The World Wide Web

For MecklerWeb

or to be more precise, the...


Anyone who followed this effort knows that it crashed and burned on takeoff. Nonetheless, it was instrumental in breaking The Word to a large slice of the business world. Back in those heady days The New York Times quoted me as saying:

"we're fast, cheap and out of control..."

Internet as Corporate Marketing and Communications Platform
MecklerWeb Launches Commercial Internet Service
The MecklerWeb Initiative (Formal Launch Presentation)
Press Releases from MecklerWeb and 26 Partners
MecklerWeb in PC Week (via Microsoft Encarta)
So What Happened? -- The definitive COOK Report interviews

"We are out of control in the sense that
we are not into control:
we find it uninteresting."

Internet World, June 1994

no apologies
no regrets


Inaugural Editorial Summer '93: "...everyone connected to the Net owns a press, and can be a provider as well as a consumer of its contents."

For Internet Business Journal
Inaugural Editorial Spring '92: "...industry position will come to depend not on how closely you can guard your knowledge, but on how widely you can share it."

For Byte

Making Knowledge Pay (SGML/internet cover story)
The Dark Side of Document Image Processing

For IEEE Expert

Common Sense or Superior Ignorance?

For SGML Newswire

Way back in 1992 when I was vp business development for Avalanche (Boulder, Colorado), I started something called SGML Newswire, which tracked the emergence of the Standard Generalized Markup Language, HTML's prodigious and prestidigitatious precursor. This is still archived at an FTP site somewhere in Norway. One of these even lists some other articles I wrote back then, but haven't managed to mount here just yet:

"Foundations for Document and Information Management"
  • Datapro Workgroup Computing Series, July 1992.

"Computers and Human Understanding"
  • Newsweek Management Digest, 16 November 1992.

"CALS and SGML: Beyond Compliance and Conversion"
  • CALS Journal, Spring 1993.

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