2017 in Films

Format adapted from Charles François, who I still hope will one day rediscover his cinephilia and start hanging out with myself and the Skandies crew again. It’s been ten years since he last used it and I hereby declare it in the public domain.

Combine the first two columns for a list of films released in 2017, and the last two columns for films seen in 2017. Ordering is preferential when ratings are identical.

Seen Previously
Movies I saw in 2016 {or before} that were released in the U.S. in 2017. Films not yet released but currently scheduled for this year are indicated by a (→).
Seen in 2017
Movies I saw shortly before, during or after their 2017 U.S. run. Asterisks (*) indicate films seen prior to their actual release. TV-only "runs" (arbitrarily deemed eligible) get a (à).
To Be Released
Movies I saw in 2017 which are still awaiting a U.S. release. Those known to have lined up distribution are indicated by a (→). Production {year} is listed if film is more than 2 years old.

A For All Time

A- Event

*mother! (Aronofsky) 85

B+/A- Near Great

The Florida Project (Baker) 81

B+ Must See

Staying Vertical (Guiraudie) 77
Brawl in Cell Block 99 (Zahler) 75
Nocturama (Bonello) 74

B/B+ Warmly Recommended

*4 Days in France (Reybaud) 71
Félicité (Gomis) 70
*From Nowhere (Newton) 70
Lean On Pete (Haigh) 70
Dunkirk (Nolan) 70
*The Challenge (Ancarani) 69
PROTOTYPE (Williams) 69
Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? (Wilkerson) 69

B Recommended

Let the Corpses Tan (Cattet, Forzani) 68
All This Panic (Gage) 68
Who We Are Now (Newton) 68
The Salesman (Farhadi) 68
Albüm (Mertoglu) 67
The Rider (Zhao) 67
Claire's Camera (Hong) 67
Kékszakállú (Solnicki) 66
Faces Places (Varda, JR) 66
The Son of Joseph (Green) 65
Molly's Game (Sorkin) 64

B-/B Recommended with Mild Reservations

Colossal (Vigalondo) 63
The Death of Stalin (Iannucci) 63
Lady Bird (Gerwig) 62
*The Glass Castle (Cretton) 62
Graduation (Mungiu) 62
Ava (Mysius) 61
Loveless (Zvyagintsev) 61
After the Storm (Kore-eda) 61
Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc (Dumont) 60
John Wick Chapter 2 (Stahelski) 60
On the Beach at Night Alone (Hong) 60
Jane (Morgen) 60

B- Recommended with Strong Reservations

Dark River (Barnard) 59
*The Wound (Trengove) 59
A Quiet Passion (Davies) 59
Pendular (Murat) 58
BPM (Beats per Minute) (Campillo) 58
The Daughter (Stone) 58
*Strong Island (Ford) 57
*The Force (Nicks) 57
*Chasing Coral (Orlowski) 57
*Kedi (Torun) 56
The Unknown Girl (Dardennes) 56
Outside In (Shelton) 56
*In Transit (Maysles, True, Usui, Walker, Wu) 56
Get Out (Peele) 55
The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography (Morris) 55
Starless Dreams (Oskouei) 55
Win It All (Swanberg) 55
*Brad's Status (White) 55
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond—With a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton (Smith) 55

C+/B- On the Fence, Leaning Forward

*Okja (Bong) 54
Thelma (Trier) 54
The Great Wall (Zhang) 54
*Ma (Rowlson-Hall) 54
Western (Grisebach) 54
The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (Kuosmanen) 53
The Commune (Vinterberg) 53
*Ex Libris (Wiseman) 53
*Your Name. (Shinkai) 53
The Lost City of Z (Gray) 52
Frantz (Ozon) 52
The Rehearsal (Maclean) 52
*My Life as a Zucchini (Barras) 52
Personal Shopper (Assayas) 51
Zama (Martel) 51
Small Crimes (Katz) 51
3 Generations (Dellal) 51
War for the Planet of the Apes (Reeves) 51

C+ Take It or Leave It

Baby Driver (Wright) 50
Good Time (Safdies) 50
The Other Side of Hope (Kaurismäki) 50
ManHunt (Woo) 50
T2 Trainspotting (Boyle) 50
Clash (Diab) 50
*Trophy (Schwarz) 50
*Unlocked (Apted) 49
Logan Lucky (Soderbergh) 49
*Dig Two Graves (Adams) 49
Mademoiselle Paradis (Albert) 49
*War on Everyone (McDonagh) 49
In the Fade (Akin) 48
*The Hero (Haley) 48
*Buena Vista Social Club: Adiós (Walker) 48
Raw (Ducournau) 48
*47 Meters Down (Roberts) 47
*Donald Cried (Avedisian) 47
*The Ardennes (Pront) 47
The Square (Östlund) 46
*The Sense of an Ending (Batra) 46
My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea (Shaw) 46

C/C+ On the Fence, Leaning Backward

Downsizing (Payne) 45
*The Belko Experiment (McLean) 45
*All These Sleepless Nights (Marczak) 45
The Shape of Water (Del Toro) 44
Alien: Covenant (Scott) 44
*Oklahoma City (Goodman) 44
Ma' Rosa (Mendoza) 43
The Motive (Martín Cuenca) 43
*Amnesia (Schroeder) 43
Lady Macbeth (Oldroyd) 42
Plonger (Laurent) 42
Hermia & Helena (Piñeiro) 42
Detroit (Bigelow) 42

C Pass

Mom & Dad (Brian Taylor) 41
*Alone in Berlin (Perez) 41
*Planetarium (Zlotowski) 41
*Dean (Martin) 41
Redoubtable (Hazanavicius) 40
*Lowriders (De Montreuil) 40
*Cézanne et moi (Thompson) 40
Radiance (Kawase) 39
*The Beguiled (Coppola) 39
*Sleight (Dillard) 39
Spoor (Holland, Adamik) 38
Slack Bay (Dumont) 38
The Ritual (Bruckner) 38
The Day After (Hong) 37
*Bushwick (Murnion, Milott) 37
Song to Song (Malick) 37

C- Ugh

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (Cohen, Shenk) 36
Phoenix Forgotten (Barber) 35
Happy End (Haneke) 34
Dark Night (Sutton) 34
The House (Cohen) 33
Naked (Tiddes) 32
The Book of Henry (Trevorrow) 31
Rings (Gutiérrez) 30
*Rebel in the Rye (Strong) 29
*A Woman's Life (Brizé) 28

D+ Double-Ugh

The Assignment (Hill) 25
From the Land of the Moon (Garcia) 24

D Bomb

The Last Face (Penn) 10
Caniba (Paravel, Castaing-Taylor) 8

F Burn the Negative

Walk-outs Channel Surfing

A Ciambra (Carpignano)
Apprentice (Boo)
Arábia (Uchôa, Dumans)
As You Are (Joris-Peyrafitte)
At Ellen's Age {2010} (Marais)
Autumn, Autumn (Jang)
Beast (Pearce)
Behemoth (Zhao)
*The Big Sick (Showalter)
The Blackcoat's Daughter (Perkins)
Boundaries (Robichaud)
Buster's Mal Heart (Smith)
Catfight (Tukel)
Cocote (Carlo de los Santos Arias)
Diamond Island (Chou)
Directions (Komandarev)
Dog Lady (Citarella, Llinás)
The Dragon Defense (Santa)
Dragonfly Eyes (Xu)
The 4th (Hyland)
The Future Perfect (Wohlatz)
Good Luck (Russell)
Happiness Academy (Kinoshita, Della Negra)
Headshot (Tjahjanto, Stamboel)
Heal the Living (Quillévéré)
The Human Surge (Williams)
I Am Not a Witch (Nyoni)
I Promise You Anarchy (Hernández Cordón)
Kill Me Please (Rocha da Silveira)
The Last Family (Matuszynskiego)
The Last of Us (Slim)
The Levelling (Leach)
Makala (Gras)
Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (Surya)
Mean Dreams (Morlando)
Mimosas (Laxe)
Montparnasse Bienvenüe (Serraille)
No One's Child {2014} (Rsumovic)
The Nothing Factory (Pinho)
Occidental (Beloufa)
Of Sheep and Men (Sayad)
1% (McCallum)
One Week and a Day (Polonsky)
Prevenge (Lowe)
Quest (Olshefski)
Remainder (Fast)
Scaffolding (Yair)
Secret File {2003} (Benvenuti)
The Seen and Unseen (Andini)
Simulation (Abest)
A Skin So Soft (Côté)
The Summer Is Gone (Zhang)
The Survivalist (Fingleton)
3/4 (Metev)
Transfer {2010} (Lukacevic)
Una (Andrews)
Vampire Clay (Umezawa)
Violet {2015} (Devos)
*White Sun (Rauniyar)
Zombillenium (De Pins, Ducord)

Incomplete Mishap/Bad Timing