2023 in Films

Format adapted from Charles François, who I still hope will one day rediscover his cinephilia and start hanging out with myself and the Skandies crew again. It’s been ten years since he last used it and I hereby declare it in the public domain.

Combine the first two columns for a list of films released (or "released") in 2023, and the last two columns for films seen in 2023. Ordering is preferential when ratings are identical.

Seen Previously
Movies I saw in 2022 {or before} that were released in the U.S. in 2023. Films not yet released but currently scheduled for this year are indicated by a (→).
Seen in 2023
Movies I saw shortly before, during or after their 2023 U.S. run. Asterisks (*) indicate films seen prior to their actual release. TV-only "runs" (arbitrarily deemed eligible) get a (†).
To Be Released
Movies I saw in 2023 which are still awaiting a U.S. release. Those known to have lined up distribution are indicated by a (→). Production {year} is listed if film is more than two years old.

A For All Time

A- Event

Falcon Lake (Le Bon) 82

B+/A- Near Great

*Enys Men (Jenkin) 78

B+ Must See

in water (Hong) 73

B/B+ Warmly Recommended

De humani corporis fabrica (Paravel, Castaing-Taylor) 69

B Recommended

The Five Devils (Mysius) 68
*Showing Up (Reichardt) 67
Asteroid City (Anderson) 65
Skinamarink (Ball) 65
Bait {2019} (Jenkin) 64
Reality (Satter) 64

B-/B Recommended with Mild Reservations

Trenque Lauquen (Citarella) 63
Full Time (Gravel) 63
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (Fremon Craig) 62
Air (Affleck) 62
Rehana (Saad) 61
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (Goldstein, Daley) 61
A Thousand and One (Rockwell) 60
Wham! (Smith) 60

B- Recommended with Strong Reservations

Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One (McQuarrie) 59
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Dos Santos, Powers, Thompson) 59
*Godland (Pálmason) 58
No Hard Feelings (Stupnitsky) 58
Millie Lies Low (Savill) 58
Nobody's Hero (Guiraudie) 57
Past Lives (Song) 57
*The Integrity of Joseph Chambers (Machoian) 57
Full River Red (Zhang) 56
Oppenheimer (Nolan) 56
The First 54 Years: An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation (Mograbi) 55
Unrest (Schäublin) 55
Polite Society (Manzoor) 55

C+/B- On the Fence, Leaning Forward

John Wick Chapter 4 (Stahelski) 54
*R.M.N. (Mungiu) 54
The Night of the 12th (Moll) 54
Where (Tsai) 54
Everything Went Fine (Ozon) 53
Walk Up (Hong) 53
Personality Crisis: One Night Only (Scorsese, Tedeschi) 52
After Love (Khan) 52
Barbie (Gerwig) 52

C+ Take It or Leave It

Mediterranean Fever (Haj) 51
The Eight Mountains (Van Groeningen, Vandermeersch) 51
Beau Is Afraid (Aster) 50
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Mangold) 50
Rimini (Seidl) 49
*Pacifiction (Serra) 49
Leila's Brothers (Roustaee) 48
You Hurt My Feelings (Holofcener) 48
*Tori and Lokita (Dardennes) 46
The Lost King (Frears) 46

C/C+ On the Fence, Leaning Backward

BlackBerry (Johnson) 45
The Outwaters (Banfitch) 44
*Afire (Petzold) 44
Alcarràs (Simón) 43
Youth (Spring) (Wang) 42

C Pass

La Fracture (Corsini) 41
Master Gardener (Schrader) 41
Magic Mike's Last Dance (Soderbergh) 40
In Our Day (Hong) 39
Unclenching the Fists (Kovalenko) 39
The Restless (Lafosse) 38
Nostalgia (Martone) 38

C- Ugh

Cairo Conspiracy (Saleh) 36
Scarlet (Marcello) 33
The Line (Meier) 30

D+ Double-Ugh

Brother and Sister (Desplechin) 24

D Bomb

F Burn the Negative

Walk-outs Channel Surfing

Autobiography (Mubarak)
The Blue Caftan (Touzani)
Blue Jean (Oakley)
Dry Ground Burning (Pimenta, Queirós)
Emily (O'Connor)
Huesera: The Bone Woman (Garza Cervera)
Klondike (Er Gorbach)
Mars One (Martins)
Monica (Pallaoro)
Pamfir (Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk)
The Plains (Easteal)
*Revoir Paris (Winocour)
Robe of Gems (López Gallardo)
Rye Lane (Allen-Miller)
Safe Place (Lerotić)
Talking About the Weather (Pinske)
Theater Camp (Gordon, Lieberman)
Under the Fig Trees (Sehiri)
White Building (Neang)
The Worst Ones (Akoka & Gueret)

Incomplete Mishap/Bad Timing