Kismet, 1955


Assuming that my shitty badge allows me to see any films (I'm on the verge of giving up festivals altogether now that they all pull this tiered bullshit), I'll be filing reports every other day for The Dissolve, beginning Saturday.

The Dissolve

It's new, it's wow, it's here. Got a regular column, Performance Review, examining the award-winning actors and actresses of yore, and I'll be contributing in numerous other ways as well. IMPORTANT NOTE TO THE LADIES: My eyebrows are not that thick and lustrous. Latest reviews: Closer to the Moon; Tangerines Latest Performance Review: Supporting Actor, 1953

Las Vegas Weekly

My main gig these days, even though I’m nowhere near Vegas. It’s a new world out there. Latest reviews: Danny Collins; While We're Young

The A.V. Club

I write for these folks too, because diversity, prestige, more paychecks. You’ll find me contributing film reviews and the occasional feature. I also pen Scenic Routes, a biweekly column about film scenes of note. Latest reviews: Alex of Venice; Félix & Meira Latest Scenic Route: Her

2015 in Movies

We got reviews. We got a crazily detailed grid-list. We got a running top ten that omits your favorites. (added: Sundance) Come on down!

Viewing Journal

Snarkier drive-by comments now get filed on Letterboxd. There's also the basic list of every damn film I’ve seen this year. added: Kismet

Elsewhere Online

Increasingly rare random musings and seasonal Skandies updates over at Listen Eggroll. And I’m on the Twitter like the everybody else.