New York City 2022 Commercial Releases

(Films seen by yours truly are in blue. Films walked out of by yours truly—always at 1/3 of the total running time—are in red. Films yours truly is currently on the fence about possibly seeing, or is definitely planning to see, or has been assigned to review in the near future, are in green. Films yours truly has sampled at least the first 10 minutes of are indicated by a + sign following the director's name.)

Week of 14 Jan

Belle (Mamoru Hosoda)
Borrego (Jesse Harris)
A Cops and Robbers Story (Ilinca Calugareanu)
The Curse of La Patasola (AJ Jones)
Electra, My Love (Miklós Jancsó) [1974]
Italian Studies (Adam Leon)
La vida de los Reyes (Frank Perozo)
The Pink Cloud (Iuli Gerbase)
Potato Dreams of America (Wes Hurley)
Rowdy Boys (Sree Harsha Konuganti)
Scream (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett)
Shattered (Luis Prieto)
The Surprise Visit (Nick Lyon)
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America (Emily Kunstler & Sarah Kunstler)
Why Is We Americans? (Udi Aloni & Ayana Morris)

Week of 7 Jan

American Siege (Edward Drake)
The Commando (Asif Akbar)
Embrace Again (Xue Xiaolu)
Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati)
The Kindred (Jamie Patterson)
The Legend of La Llorona (Patricia Harris Seeley)
See for Me (Randall Okita)
The 355 (Simon Kinberg)