2013 in Films

Format adapted from Charles François, who I still hope will one day rediscover his cinephilia and start hanging out with myself and the Skandies crew again. It’s been ten years since he last used it and I hereby declare it in the public domain.

Combine the first two columns for a list of films released in 2013, and the last two columns for films seen in 2013. Ordering is preferential when ratings are identical.

Seen Previously
Movies I saw in 2012 {or before} that were released in the U.S. in 2013. Films not yet released but currently scheduled for this year are indicated by a (→).
Seen in 2013
Movies I saw shortly before, during or after their 2013 U.S. run. Asterisks (*) indicate films seen prior to their actual release. TV-only "runs" (arbitrarily deemed eligible) get a (†).
To Be Released
Movies I saw in 2013 which are still awaiting a U.S. release. Those known to have lined up distribution are indicated by a (→). Production {year} is listed if film is more than 2 years old.

A For All Time

A- Event

Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari (Fedorchenko) 83

B+/A- Near Great

The Minister (Schoeller) 81
Frances Ha (Baumbach) 81
First Cousin Once Removed (Berliner) 80
Under the Skin (Glazer) 79

B+ Must See

*Computer Chess (Bujalski) 78
Only Lovers Left Alive (Jarmusch) 77
The Counselor (Scott) 75
*Upstream Color (Carruth) 75
*All Is Lost (Chandor) 74
*The Past (Farhadi) 74
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! (Resnais) 73
Leviathan (Castaing-Taylor, Paravel) 73
The Missing Picture (Panh) 73

B/B+ Warmly Recommended

Hemel (Polak) 72
Drug War (To) 72
Phil Spector (Mamet) 72
Joe (Green) 72
All the Light in the Sky (Swanberg) 71
The Wolf of Wall Street (Scorsese) 71
I Killed My Mother (Dolan) {2009} 71
*Nebraska (Payne) 71
Club Sandwich (Eimbcke) 70
It's a Disaster (Berger) 70
The Strange Little Cat (Zürcher) 70
Let the Fire Burn (Osder) 70

B Recommended

*Her (Jonze) 69
*Blue Is the Warmest Color (Kechiche) 69
Stray Dogs (Tsai) 69
Moebius (Kim) 68
NO (Larraín) 68
*The Selfish Giant (Barnard) 68
Tim's Vermeer (Teller) 67
The World's End (Wright) 67
*Before Midnight (Linklater) 67
Reality (Garrone) 66
Young & Beautiful (Ozon) 66
Gloria (Lelio) 66
*Paradise: Hope (Seidl) 65
Oz the Great and Powerful (Raimi) 65
The Unspeakable Act (Sallitt) 65
*Dead Man's Burden (Moshé) 64
Shield of Straw (Miike) 64
Jayne Mansfield's Car (Thornton) 64
We Are the Best! (Moodysson) 64

B-/B Recommended with Mild Reservations

*Broken (Norris) 63
*Gravity (Cuarón) 63
*Bastards (Denis) 63
Byzantium (Jordan) 63
Love Is the Perfect Crime (Larrieus) 63
When Evening Falls on Bucharest, or: Metabolism (Porumboiu) 62
Mud (Nichols) 62
World War Z (Forster) 62
12 Years a Slave (McQueen) 62
Star Trek Into Darkness (Abrams) 62
*Go for Sisters (Sayles) 61
Abuse of Weakness (Breillat) 61
Enough Said (Holofcener) 61
Venus in Fur (Polanski) 61
Twenty Feet From Stardom (Neville) 61

B- Recommended with Strong Reservations

Porfirio (Landes) 60
Stories We Tell (Polley) 60
The Last Stand (Kim) 60
American Hustle (Russell) 60
*More Than Honey (Imhoof) 60
Closed Curtain (Panahi, Partovi) 60
*A Touch of Sin (Jia) 59
The Major (Bykov) 59
Black Rock (Aselton) 59
Captain Phillips (Greengrass) 59
To the Wonder (Malick) 59
Beyond the Hills (Mungiu) 59
The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears (Cattet, Forzani) 58
*The Great Beauty (Sorrentino) 58
*Welcome to the Punch (Creevy) 58
The Conjuring (Wan) 58
Dom Hemingway (Shepard) 58
Blue Jasmine (Allen) 58
Yossi (Fox) 57
*Inside Llewyn Davis (Coens) 57
The F Word (Dowse) 57
*Short Term 12 (Cretton) 57
Blind Dates (Koguashvili) 57
Much Ado About Nothing (Whedon) 57
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? (Gondry) 57
*Eddie (Rodriguez) 57
The Angels' Share (Loach) 56
October November (Spielmann) 56
The Immigrant (Gray) 56
*The Square (Noujaim) 56
*Still Mine (McGowan) 56
*I Give It a Year (Mazer) 56
2 Guns (Kormákur) 56
Night Across the Street (Ruiz) 56
Wadjda (Al Mansour) 55
*At Berkeley (Wiseman) 55
Berberian Sound Studio (Strickland) 55
Amity (Adams) 55
*A Band Called Death (Howlett, Covino) 55
Our Sunhi (Hong) 55
Behind the Candelabra (Soderbergh) 55
The Place Beyond the Pines (Cianfrance) 55

C+/B- On the Fence, Leaning Forward

Would You Rather (Levy) 54
*Concussion (Passon) 54
*Wrong Cops (Dupieux) 54
The Unknown Known (Morris) 54
*White Reindeer (Clark) 54
The Hunt (Vinterberg) 54
*Stoker (Park) 54
*Hell Baby (Garant, Lennon) 54
Michael Kohlhaas (Des Pallières) 54
*American Promise (Brewster, Stephenson) 53
*The Motel Life (Polskys) 53
*Venus and Serena (Baird, Major) 53
*Supporting Characters (Schechter) 53
*How to Make Money Selling Drugs (Cooke) 53
In the House (Ozon) 53
Laurence Anyways (Dolan) 53
*Parkland (Landesman) 53
*A Case of You (Coiro) 52
Mr. Nobody (Van Dormael) {2009} 52
Borgman (Van Warmerdam) 52
*Pacific Rim (Del Toro) 52
The Iceman (Vroman) 52
*My Brother the Devil (El Hosaini) 52
The We and the I (Gondry) 52
*Seduced and Abandoned (Toback) 52

C+ Take It or Leave It

The Last Time I Saw Macao (Rodrigues, Guerra da Mata) 51
Kilimanjaro (Strafford) 51
Machete Kills (Rodriguez) 51
*Some Velvet Morning (LaBute) 51
*In a World... (Bell) 51
*Lee Daniels' The Butler (Daniels) 51
*Touchy Feely (Shelton) 51
Something in the Air (Assayas) 51
Capital (Costa-Gavras) 51
Beautiful Creatures (LaGravenese) 50
Nobody's Daughter Haewon (Hong) 50
*A Teacher (Fidell) 50
Stranger by the Lake (Guiraudie) 50
*Great Expectations (Newell) 50
In the Fog (Loznitsa) 50
The Last of the Unjust (Lanzmann) 50
*The Artist and the Model (Trueba) 50
Best Man Down (Koland) 49
*Future Weather (Deller) 49
Night Moves (Reichardt) 49
Pieta (Kim) 49
*The Grandmaster (Wong) 49
*Thérèse (Miller) 49
*Enzo Avitabile Music Life (Demme) 49
Blind Detective (To) 49
Dallas Buyers Club (Vallée) 48
Monsters University (Scanlon) 48
Post tenebras lux (Reygadas) 48
About Time (Curtis) 48
*The Wind Rises (Miyazaki) 48
Grigris (Haroun) 48
Story of My Death (Serra) 48
*Paradise: Faith (Seidl) 48
Simon Killer (Campos) 47
The Act of Killing (Oppenheimer) 47
Bettie Page Reveals All (Mori) 47
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Lawrence) 47
*Paradise (Cody) 47
*Blackfish (Cowperthwaite) 47
Runner Runner (Furman) 47
*Some Girl(s) (Von Scherler Mayer) 47
Paradise: Love (Seidl) 47
*Devil's Pass (Harlin)46
Viola (Piñeiro)46
*Contracted (England)46
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Jackson)46
*All Is Bright (Morrison)46
The Wall (Pölsler)46
Spring Breakers (Korine)46
Lone Survivor (Berg)46

C/C+ On the Fence, Leaning Backward

Omar (Abu-Assad) 45
The Student (Mitre) {2011} 45
*Escape From Tomorrow (Moore) 45
*Our Children (Lafosse) 45
*Call Me Kuchu (Fairfax Wright, Zouhali-Worrall) 45
The Fifth Estate (Condon) 45
*After Tiller (Shane, Wilson) 45
*Inch'Allah (Barbeau-Lavalette) 45
Caesar Must Die (Tavianis) 45
Ginger and Rosa (Potter) 44
Like Someone in Love (Kiarostami) 44
*Sunlight Jr. (Collyer) 44
*The Lifeguard (Garcia) 44
Outside Satan (Dumont) 44
Heli (Escalante) 44
The Lords of Salem (Zombie) 44
Real (Kurosawa) 44
*The Invisible Woman (Fiennes) 43
Oldboy (Lee) 43
*Side Effects (Soderbergh) 43
*Scenic Route (Goetzes) 43
*Last Love (Nettelbeck) 43
Tom at the Farm (Dolan) 43
The Kings of Summer (Vogt-Roberts) 43
*Renoir (Bourdos) 43

C Pass

*Hours (Heisserer) 42
Like Father, Like Son (Kore-eda) 42
*All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Levine) 42
Old Cats (Silva, Peirano) {2010} 42
Emperor (Webber) 42
*The Condemned (Busó García) 42
Elysium (Blomkamp) 42
The Truth About Emanuel (Gregorini) 41
Admission (Weitz) 41
*The Look of Love (Winterbottom) 41
Fill the Void (Burshtein) 41
*The Attack (Doueiri) 41
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Stiller) 40
Fruitvale Station (Coogler) 40
*Mama (Muschietti) 40
Philomena (Frears) 40
*You Will Be My Son (Legrand) 40
The ABCs of Death ([Various]) 40
Southcliffe (Durkin) 39
The Great Gatsby (Luhrmann) 39
The Taste of Money (Im) 39
*Afternoon Delight (Soloway) 38
Museum Hours (Cohen) 38
*A Girl & a Gun (Czubek) 38
Passion (De Palma) 38
*In the Name Of (Szumowska) 37
Jobs (Stern) 37
Girl Most Likely (Berman, Pulcini) 37
*State 194 (Setton) 37

C- Ugh

*Twice Born (Castellitto) 36
*Adore (Fontaine) 36
*33 Postcards (Chan) 36
*Big Sur (Polish) 35
Jimmy P.: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian (Desplechin) 35
*Everybody Has a Plan (Piterbarg) 35
*CBGB (Miller) 34
White House Down (Emmerich) 34
Faust (Sokurov) 33
*Everyday (Winterbottom) 33
Norte, the End of History (Diaz) 32
*The Bling Ring (Coppola) 32
*And Now a Word From Our Sponsor (Bernbaum) 31
Salinger (Salerno) 30
*The Hot Flashes (Seidelman) 30
Child of God (Franco) 29
*The Last Days on Mars (Robinson) 29
*The Secret Lives of Dorks (Breziner) 28
*Breaking the Girls (Babbit) 28

D+ Double-Ugh

*The Patience Stone (Rahimi) 27
The Sapphires (Blair) 27
*Stuck in Love. (Boone) 26
Underdogs (Dearth) 26
I'm So Excited! (Almodóvar) 25
*Breakup at a Wedding (Quinaz) 25
*Ass Backwards (Nelson) 24
A Castle in Italy (Bruni Tedeschi) 24
*Forgetting the Girl (Taylor) 23
Open Grave (López-Gallego) 22
At Any Price (Bahrani) 22
*Stranded (Christian) 21
Tomorrow You're Gone (Jacobson) 20

D Bomb

*Ghost Team One (Rutherford, Peyser) 18
*Only God Forgives (Winding Refn) 17
*Somebody Up There Likes Me (Byington) 15
*The Time Being (Cicin-Sain) 13

F Burn the Negative

*Off Label (Palmieri, Mosher) 7

Walk-outs Channel Surfing

*Ain't Them Bodies Saints (Lowery)
Antiviral (Cronenberg)
*As I Lay Dying (Franco)
Bends (Lau)
Blancanieves (Berger)
Cristo Rey (Tonos Paniagua)
Crulic: The Path to Beyond (Damian)
Cutie and the Boxer (Heinzerling)
Frozen (Buck, Lee)
Gimme the Loot (Leon)
Graceland (Morales)
Grand Central (Zlotowski)
A Hijacking (Lindholm)
Il Futuro (Scherson)
The Immoral (Krutzkoff Jacobsen)
Kill Your Darlings (Krokidas)
Maniac (Khalfoun)
Mother of George (Dosunmu)
Nothing Bad Can Happen (Gebbe)
Prisoners (Villeneuve)
Sarah Prefers to Run (Robichaud)
Soul (Chung)
The Spectacular Now (Ponsoldt)
Stop-Over (Bakhtiari)
Stop the Pounding Heart (Minervini)
A Story About Children and Film (Cousins)
Sun Don't Shine (Seimetz)
The To Do List (Carey)
Trap Street (Qu)
Twilight Portrait (Nikonova)
War Witch (Nguyen)
We Gotta Get out of This Place (Hawkinses)
*Wrong (Dupieux)
Zulu (Salle)

Incomplete Mishap/Bad Timing

3X3D (Greenaway, Godard, Pêra)