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Richard DuHaime's Letter to the Editor

My position as chairman of the North Jersey Transportation Coordinating Council was completely misrepresented in a recent letter in Readers' Forum. The writer, William Wright from Cranford, is incorrect to characterize me as pro-automobile and anti-mass-transit....

The [Clean Air Act] is being used as a weapon by extreme environmentalists in a misguided attempt to reorder nearly every aspect of how and where we live and work. To implement their chauvinistic vision of how society ought to be run, the social reformers have targeted the automobile as public enemy number one.

By imposing more and more unrealistic restrictions on car owners and business, the Clean Air Act extremists will, in short time, cost hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents their jobs. No advocacy group has the right to disrupt our economy on such a grand scale and I encourage state political leaders to fight the federal bureaucrats who are attempting to cram the Clean Air Act down our throats.

The balanced approach to transportation planning that I advocate will take into consideration the needs of both the economy and the environment as well as the unique development and commuting patterns of New Jersey. Over time highway use in the state will diminish as mass transit reaches more people. In the meantime, I remain an unabashed supporter for continued investment in our highway infrastructure and in the technological innovations that will reduce auto exhaust pollution.

This letter to the editor was printed in the 5 March 1994 edition of The Star-Ledger

I interviewed Mr DuHaime


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