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North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) is northern New Jersey's Metropolitan Planning Organization. MPO's are mandated by the federal government, but they are state level agencies run by a board composed of county, city and agency executives. The MPO's are supposed to play a major role, for they select which projects to include in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), a list of projects eligible for federal funds.

On the NJTPA, each member has veto power, which results in plenty of log rolling. The NJTPA underwent a radical insurgency when Richard DuHaime was given the Chair. DuHaime has tried to push rail projects off the agenda and says the environmentalists are "socialists."

NJTPA, on the other hand, has begun ranking all projects using predetermined criteria. Their ranking criteria is a hotly contested issue though. The original criteria devised by the central staff included air quality demerit points for projects that expand highway capacity, firing up fierce opposition when the DuHaime regime came into power.

Contact Info:

One Newark Center  17 Fl
Newark NJ 07102

Phone: 973-639-8400
Fax: 973-639-1953

Web: http://www.njtpa.njit.edu/


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