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Ringwood Bypass Plan May Require Review

Although Passaic County is already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on preliminary design work for the Ringwood Avenue Bypass, the new roadway project may have to pass federal environmental re- view procedures before it can advance. Campaign member Rutgers Environmental Law Clinic (RELC) has advised the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority that before it further pursues the construction of a new road to double capacity on the main route to northern Passaic, federal law (ISTEA) requires the agency to conduct a major investment study (MIS) considering all alternatives to solving the transportation issues in transportation corridors and to include the public in its deliberations. Ringwood Avenue is a two-way road connecting Wanaque and rural municipalities further north. To address peak hour congestion on the road, Passaic County has proposed to make it a two-lane northbound road and to construct an adjacent two-lane southbound road. The Coalition Against Alternate Three as well as the Highlands Coalition and other NJ conservation groups have argued with RELC for an MIS. The groups point out that new road capacity will induce sprawl development in the Highlands. It could also help spur bedroom community development in the Sterling Forest and would lead to new congestion in the corridor. Alternatives analysis in the form of an MIS could expose these impacts, as well as potential damage to the region's watershed. Contact Coalition Against Alternate Three (Ringwood) 201-839-6927.

Mobilizing the Region Number 44, 1 September 1995, published by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign.


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