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Architectural Sites in NYC

The Chrysler Building is a must see. It's at 42 St and Lexington Av. The outside is neat, but the elevators are fantastic. Ride a bunch of different ones too, there are several different styles. You know the triangles inset into the curved metal on the top??? They're windows! HUGE windows. Take the elevators to the highest floor, 57 ?, and then switch there to the tower elevators and take that to the top, 71 ?. The view to the south is fantastic. I found that one out as a bike messenger.

I like the Municipal Building very much. The curved front with straight columns, vaults on the south side and ornate top are all very nice. My description is not doing it justice, though my photographs do... not that I can get them on line. Anyway, it's right across the street from City Hall.

Another building to see in that area, in fact right across the street too, is the Surrogates Court House. The external design is fantastic, but go inside and poke around. It's beautiful. It's a shame that the contractor that just renovated the building's bathrooms did such a shoddy job. Beautiful wood doors and marble dividers marred and poorly hung. Low bidder contracting is problematic. Alas.

The Brooklyn Bridge, which is right there too, is another must. There's a walkway/bikeway across and the view from it is very nice.

As far as gawking, don't sweat it. NYC is rather safe. Don't believe the hype.


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