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NYC Transit's New Rail Control Center

[The new control center will] be both big and very costly (latest estimates are $40 million for the structure and over $140 million for the equipment just for the A Division (IRT), but we at MTA don't believe in these numbers; they'll go higher before the contract is committed). It will be built on a portion of the site now occupied by the old 54th Street Bus Depot on Ninth Avenue between 53rd and 54th Streets in Manhattan. Besides its size, which is suitable for locating operating theaters for all three divisions (IRT, BMT, IND) on a single floor, the main appeal of this site is its proximity to the existing Power Control Center, and to the seven fiber optic rings that converge there, which will be used for controlling the trains.

The intent of the plan is to go to full central control, replacing all the master towers, with the exception of the terminal dispatchers, who will continue to be located in the field, connected to the rest of the system via operating consoles in their offices. How long it will take the TA to migrate to this system, however, is an open question <g>.

This was written by Rock Miller on 6 Nov 1994 as personal correspondence to Daniel Convissor

[The seven fiber optic rings Rock mentions are seven independent networks on which each node of a ring is linked serially with other nodes in a giant loop. The purpose of linking them in a ring is to provide redundancy and optimize packet travel time. If sending information via one direction on a ring is impossible due to catastrophe, or will get stuck in traffic, the packets are sent the other direction. --dc]


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