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Lower Manhattan Plan

Remember that plan Giuliani recently unveiled for Lower Manhattan? He shouldn't get much credit for the positive aspects of the plan. All he did is release a plan the Department of City Planning and Community Board 1 were working on for about two years. The Lower Manhattan Plan they put together had the ideas of bringing in more residential and night time uses plus the commuter rail access. The ridiculous part of the plan, i.e. the tax breaks, is Giuliani's.

I'm sure you appreciated the starkness of the Times' cover that day. An article on tax breaks for major property owners juxtaposed with a piece on cutting welfare further. It was nice of the times to remind us of the cliche' "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer."

Regarding the commuter rail access, there are a lot of interesting prospects. Through running Metro North down the Second Av Subway and into the LIRR's Flatbush Av Terminal and out to Jamaica and maybe the Island. Use the same Second Av route to make an LIRR loop linking the Main Line with the Brooklyn Division. How about a new tunnel from the Flatbush Av Terminal in Brooklyn to the NJ Transit Hoboken Terminal?

The funniest part of Mr G's plan, the express taxi lanes. Eesh. Most of the traffic seems to be taxis anyway. What is he thinking? I'm glad I'm not on whatever drug he's using. :)


This was written on 9 January 1995 by Daniel Convissor as personal correspondence to several friends in transportation circles


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