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Places to Go in NYC's Outer Boroughs

Here are some interesting places to check out in the outer boroughs of New York City. Many people see NYC as lower Manhattan. There's a lot more... Each description is followed by the nearest Subway stations denoted in this text.


Flatbush is an interesting Caribbean community, D/Q to Parkside Av. There's a chinatown and a hasidic jewish community in Borough Park, B/M to 50 St. A bit further east of there is where many Central Americans live. Little Italy is in Carrol Gardens, F/G to Carrol St. Park Slope is the white family professional area, F to 7 Av, while Brooklyn Heights is for those without families, 2/3 4/5 to Borough Hall or N/R/M to Court St. There's a great bike path and walkway along the harbor from Gravesend, near Coney Island, to Bay Ridge, R to 95 St. Williamsburg has sections of jews, hispanics and young white folks, J/M Marcy Av and L to Bedford Av. Greenpoint is filled with Polish folks, G to Nassau Av. The Brooklyn Museum has a good reputation and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is beautiful, 2/3 4/5 Eastern Parkway (Brooklyn Museum).


Just over the Vetereans Memorial Bridge, at the southern end of Flatbush Av, is the Rockaway Peninsula. If you head west, there's nice beaches where very few people swim because it isn't an official swimming area.

In another section of Queens, there's a community of Columbians, Indians and other immigrants called Jackson Heights. E/F/7 (and G/R) to Roosevelt Av Jackson Heights.

It's a very bustling center and quite interesting. Flushing is another busy area and has a significant of Asian population. Jamaica Center is another heavily commercial area.



Arthur Av: Little Italy in the Bronx.

New York Botanic Garden

Staten Island

Port Richmond

St George

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