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Mayor Giuliani's Quality of Life Campaign

Mayor Giuliani's quality of life campaign Giuliani raises an interesting point. Who's quality of life? It's obvious, the mayor and I have different lives. It started with people who are panhandling and washing car windows. There's been commotion recently about ticketing jaywalkers and cyclists. My life is not negatively impacted by such actions. The most upsetting things in New York City are speeding motorists, those who honk unnecessarily, alarms that go off without cause and, most importantly, the motorists who fail to yield right of way to pedestrians crossing the street.

The non-transportation related thing that bothers me most is litter. It's amazing how people in New York City drop garbage. They slip the wrapper off their candy bar and just drop it on the ground without even thinking about it. A garbage can might me only feet away. Cigarette buts get flung all over the place. People of all social and economic backgrounds do it. The litter makes NYC look horrible and shows New Yorkers to be self absorbed jerks that have no pride in themselves or their city.


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