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NYC Transit Ridership

MTA New York City Transit is experiencing improved ridership levels. The October 1995 NYCT Committee Agenda for their Board of Directors indicates:

August 1995 average weekend subway ridership was the highest August weekend ridership since 1969.

In contrast to NYC Transit, weekday ridership declined on all other reporting transit carriers (PATH, LI Bus, Staten Island Railway and Staten Island Ferry) from August 1994 to August 1995.

The September 1995 fare evasion rate was 1.85 percent, the lowest rate on record.

August Average Daily Ridership (in Thousands)

         Weekday     Weekend

Subway    3,328       2,881
Bus       1,123       1,281
          -----       -----
Total     4,452       4,162

This was written by me as a posting to misc.transport.urban-transit and nyc.transit on 14 October 1995


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