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MTA Captial Program Review Board

The MTA Capital Program Review Board must approve the MTA's capital program and any revisions thereto. The Governor, the State Senate leadership and the Assembly leadership each appoint one representative to the CPRB. In addition, a city appointee is required to vote on the city transit program. The CPRB has no dedicated staff, so depends on the staff of the appointees.

Governor's Appointee (Chair):
Joseph Boardman
NYS Department of Transportation
5 Gov Harriman State Campus
Albany NY 12232
tel 518-457-6195

State Assembly's Appointee:
Catherine Nolan
Ms Nolan represents the 37th Assembly District: Queens, including Long Island City, Astoria (along the East River) and Ridgewood.

State Senate's Appointee:
Caesar Trunzo
Mr Trunzo represents the 3rd Senatorial District, which encompasses part of Suffolk County.

NYC Mayor's Appointee:
Wilbur Chapman
NYC Department of Transportation
40 Worth St
New York NY 10014
tel 212-442-7000


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