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I-287 Cross-Westchester Expressway Draft Environmental Impact Statement Contains False Traffic and Air Quality Projections

21 December 1995

A J Bauman
Region 8
4 Burnett Blvd
Poughkeepsie NY 12603

The following are my official comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for P.I.N. 8729.30, I-287/Cross Westchester Expressway, New York State Thruway Route 303 to Route 120.

First, I oppose any project which increases the capacity of I-287. Roadway enlargements have several negative impacts, including:

The New York region has all the roadway capacity it needs for essential car and truck trips. New transportation capacity should support walking, bicycling, mass transit, plus rail and waterborne freight.

Second, the transportation and air quality analyses in the DEIS are fraudulent. Table III.6 estimates the 8-Lane Alternative will have the same Vehicle Miles Traveled as the No Build scenario and projects the HOV Alternative will decrease the No Build VMT by 3%. This is impossible. New roadway capacity generates more travel. The VMT estimates for the new facility are too low and/or the projections for the No Build option are too high.

I urge you to reject this project.


Daniel Convissor


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