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NYC Transit Board Agenda:
November 1995

The November 1995 NYC Transit Committee Agenda for the MTA Board contains the following information of interest:


* Manhattan Bridge
The rehabilitation of the west side of the Manhattan Bridge by Yonkers Contracting Company is currently scheduled for completion in October 1996. NYC DOT has verbally informed the NYCT that lead abatement measures will delay the opening of the 'H' tracks until 1999.


* Denial Rates
NYCT should adopt an acceptable denial rate to LOWER DEMAND FOR PARATRANSIT SERVICE [emphasis added --DC]. Price Waterhouse notes that regulations may permit a reasonable denial rate, although FTA has not provided specific guidance as to what constitutes an acceptable denial rate, and that the matter may ultimately be settled in court.


The board was asked to approve spending $1,190,752 to construct an interim entrance to the Times Square/42 St Station on the south side of 42 St between Broadway and 7 Av. This will be incorporated into a two story retail building being erected on the site to provide an easily recognizable centralized entrance which includes an elevator.


Hughes Training Inc is going to be contracted to furnish, install and provide training for train operator simulator at a cost of $1,749,357.

The expected benefits of the simulator are:

  1. Enhancement of system safety by permitting the early identification of adverse trends in the performance of certified operators.
  2. Reduction of field training by four days, since operators no longer have to wait for available trains.
  3. Allow trainees to experience rain and snow conditions since they are not permitted to use the trains under these conditions.
NYCT was interested in simulation devices that are realistic and provide the following:
  1. Teach train handing techniques for full and short length passenger car equipment trains in very high volume subway rail operating corridors.
  2. Teach schedule attainment as a critical parameter in all train handling.
  3. Provide the skilled train operator with difficult operating problems that require in-depth understanding of signals, braking, rules and other train operation features.
  4. Improve the instructor-student ratio to at least 1:2 and/or allow unsupervised operation of the simulation devices.

This recommendation was not sent to the Board as a result of discussions at this meeting concerning the selection of Huges. The train operator simulator was placed back on the agenda in June 1996.


Those of you griping about the often broken escalators at the Lexington Av/53 St Station are in for a treat. A contract was just let to replace these escalators.

Signal equipment modernization on the Jamaica and Myrtle Av Lines in Brooklyn just achieved Beneficial Use in October.


NYCT's Department of Buses is issuing a contract to purchase four years worth of rock salt (approximately 8,000 tons) from the NYC Department of Sanitation for $440,000. The salt will be used by NYC Transit to spread on secondary roads in all five boroughs to allow uninterrupted bus service during winter storms. The salt is picked up from DOS facilities by NYCT equipment on a 24- hour, as needed, basis.

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