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NYC Transit Board Agenda:
April 1996

The April 1996 NYC Transit Committee Agenda for the MTA Board contains the following information of interest:

Speedometers for Subway Cars

EDO Corp, of College Point, NY, will furnish 315 Doppler-type speed indication systems for two railcar fleets: R38 (205 of them) and R68A (110 of them). This speedometer system is mounted entirely on the car body, unlike the axle ring and gear box types which have truck-mounted components, complicating installation and maintenance. The Doppler-type is also more reliable. Installation of radar based speedometers has been completed or scheduled for all fleets except the R38 and R68A, which have been delayed due to prototype failure by a second supplier, Bach Simpson. Bach Simpson has failed 30-day tests several times and as a result the orders placed with them have been cancelled.

At this time, the R44, R46, R62A [sic], R68 and R62 car fleets are 100% complete. The R62A [sic], is 72.6% complete and the balance, the R38, R68A, R32, R40 and R42 fleets, are scheduled to be completed in 1996 and the R33 and R36 fleets in 1997.

Public Address System Improvements

A contract is underway to improve the Public Address systems in 139 stations throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Sixty three stations will receive new PA systems and 76 will have their PA equipment modified.

The project includes installing audio and visual control equipment at the control center; public address equipment for train line systems and passenger station systems; and network interface equipment to replace existing carrier equipment and customer information screens to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

At this time, the Board is being asked to approve a work order modifying the existing contract. The present contract requires the contractor to install all train line system equipment at fiber optic node locations. The work stipulated in this new order would have the contractor reconfigure, add and delete key and local dispatcher locations, change train line system equipment locations from node sites to passenger stations, add copper cable for redundancy and change the cable sizes to allow spares for future use. These changes will reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve reliability and reduce manpower requirements.

Emergency Booth Communications System

The ECBS is a computerized security system installed in 1987 to protect token booth personnel during emergency situations. The system consists of computers in the token booths which use telephone lines to contact the Jay Street Command Center. There is a backup location at the 7 Av Station in Brooklyn and a training center at 10 Columbus Circle.

The Board is presently being asked to approve a contract modification. This change encompasses three items:

Mobile Computing for Maintenance Crews

Approval for a contract to purchase 215 portable bar code readers with communication/charging stands, holsters and modems. These units are used for remote data collection by the Signal Operations Group. The signal maintainer uses the reader on the tracks to enter maintenance data locally. The equipment holds data on track switches, signal heads and stops. At the end of the workday, the maintainer uses the a modem to transfer the data to the Signal Information System computer.

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