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New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad

judice@sulaco.enet.dec.com () writes:
> Several points:
>     - NYSW directly serves SeaLand's terminal in NY Harbor
No, NYS&W directly serves the SeaLand Little Ferry terminal in New Jersey. The containers are unloaded and driven by truck the 10 miles to the Elizabeth Marine Terminal - SeaLand has NO operations in NY Harbor, per se. Conrail could serve SeaLand directly at the Marine Terminal via its ex-CNJ trackage. CR could also serve the Little Ferry terminal, as its ex-NYC River Line parallels the NYS&W right past the terminal. Switches at both ends of the yard that are directed towards the CR main offer an "out" if the NYS&W gets cocky.

>     - SeaLand is owned by CSX
A very important fact to remember... CSX would rather deal w/NYSW than CR.

>     - NJ Transit certainly does not want CSX trains on its tracks.
NJT doesn't want ANY trains on its tracks, other than theirs. Ask CR!

>     - CSX tends to buy short connecting railroads when it needs them
>       (ie. RF&P)
Remember that CSX has a large controlling interest in the RF&P for a LONG TIME. However, there are two CSX and two NS guys in the board of directors of the NYS&W...

>     - NYSW would almost certainly jump at the chance to be bought
>       out by CSX if given the chance.
Hmmm... don't know about that. Everyone said that when it was believed that CP would buy them out. [Locomotive] Powerwise, it would be immensely helpful!

> My guess is that IF CR/NS goes through, expect NYSW to become part of CSX,
> and to see CSX routing be over the Tier to (???) where they can get on
This actually seems like a pretty good guess. (BTW, the NYS&W runs from Binghamton to Burnside on the old EL (EL! EL! EL!), where it swings onto the former L&HR... this is still CR at this point. At Warwick, it becomes the NYSW)

Many of my non-railfan friends ask me if the NYS&W has been purchased by CP Rail, as those are pretty much the only engines they see here! Ah, to remember the day when I saw the first two CP SD40-2's come into Little Ferry....

This was written by Paul R. Tupaczewski as a posting to rec.railroad on 24 August 1994

Some other interesting stuff...

RD> Stockholm once the 251 was on the downhill side.
RD>         Returning east to Butler at 2:05 am, the 1800 and its crew
RD> broke from the other power and went into the Butler runaround to await
RD> passage of the 251, which was at 2:30 am.
RD>         With these delays came a problem of crews outlawing way before
RD> Binghamton NY (200 route miles west of Butler).  The 251 would never
RD> make it onto Conrail's Southern Tier Line at Campbell Hall (ex-Erie
RD> Graham Line Main) by 5:30 am which is when the eastbound commuter trains
RD> start going east from Port Jervis (30 miles west of Campbell Hall).
RD> So the SeaLand Train 251 was held at Sparta Junction, backing onto the
RD> Limecrest Industrial Track (the part of the ex-Lehigh & Hudson River
RD> that is south of the NYSW main but less than 10,000 feet long).
RD>         Although I'm not sure if any of the crew members on last night
RD> worked the SeaLand trains of October 1986, the NYSW dispatcher in
RD> Cooperstown was Tom Ross who was one of the telecommunicators for the
RD> Susquehanna eight years ago.

UPDATE:  Last night, Oct. 18/19, the NYSW did not take any
chances and had the 1800 on the end of the westbound 257 (NJ/Chicago
"mail express") just in case it was need to assist.  Entering Butler
Borough (mp 37 is on the east end of town although the block station
is further past mp 38), the train was doing 20 mph but as it progressed
up the westward grade it slowed down to under 5 mph when they decided
to kick in the power of the 1962 built GP18 and away they went.  As
previously stated this area does not have much straight track.  Every
autumn there seems to be a problem with damp rails compounded by the
falling leaves here since there are literally hundreds of maple and oak
trees bordering the right of way but not on railroad property.

I don't know who wrote these last two paragraphs, sorry.

For some real info on the SusieQ check out UNOFFICIAL NYS&W Home Page


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