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With the Bicycle Route Database, you compose your route segment by segment. Below is a map and a series of list boxes. Look at the map and determine where you want to start and end and the names of the cities/towns along the line you want to take. Then go down to the list boxes. Each list box contains the exact same list of segments. Then, in the first box, select the segment which starts where you want to start and heads the direction you want to go. Then, in the next list box, select the next segment you want to traverse.

Continue selecting segments until you get to your destination. Leave the remaining list boxes set to null. If there are not enough list boxes for you to get to your destination, fill up the first form and run it, then compose the remaining segments, starting where the last one left off.

Sometimes you can choose from two or three different ways to get between two points. As with everything, each route has advantages and disadvantages, which should be described. With this system, you get to pick the route you want to take based on what's important to you: shortest, least hills, least traffic...

[MAP: A map
 of my routes in New Jersey. (If you can't see this image,
but can download it, follow this link.)]


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Script Last Updated: 25 April 1999

This script utilizes code from Steven Brenner's cgi-lib.pl which I severely trunkated and modified for my needs. Many thanks to Robert Schmunk and Jacqui Caren for their help tailoring this Perl code.