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This is a list of URL's that I found either from Usenet Newsgroups or by stumbling upon them while browsing the Web. This list is generally listed in alphabetical orderd by URL, though the top of the list is stuff I've added lately. I'll eventually get to check all the URL's and better organize them, but for now, here you go...

  1. National Association of Railroad Passengers
  2. The New Party, a progressive party forming in the US.
  3. This and other fantastic real time satellite images are on the University of Wisconsin's Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) Real Time Data web site.
  4. NOAA's Climate Diagnostics Center Map Room also has interesting graphical means to view present weather conditions.
  5. Essential Information, an organization helping the public become involved in, and educated about, public policy.
  6. Surface Transportation Policy Project
  7. Cyber Cyclery: An Internet Bicycling Resource
  8. BikeMap.com: Bike on transit information + good routes.
  9. Mass Bike's New Site
  10. The Wayfarers: down to earth bike tours.
  11. Bike Plan Source Home Page
  12. Environmental Organization WebDirectory!
  13. New York City Reference
  14. Vermont GrassRoutes, a transportation advocacy organization.
  15. Urban Composting
  16. Cyburbia Planning Directory. A resource from the State University of New York Buffalo.
  17. American Civil Liberties Union
  18. NYC Subway Resources: Signals
  19. Loren Petrich's Railroad-Yard Page. Contains track diagrams for California's Bay Area transit systems.
  20. NXSYS New York City Subway Signalling and Interlocking Simulator
  21. Media Filter. Alternative media hosting service.
  22. Transport News. A news clipping service for all aspects of transportation.
  23. FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting). A media watchdog organization.
  24. Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds
  25. DVARP (Delaware Valley Association of Railroad Passengers)
  26. Russian Transit
  27. 5ive Style
  28. Saul's Subway Page. Photos, history and bibliography of NYC's subway system.
  29. Virtual Reference Desk. Links to all sorts of reference materials.
  30. Fresh Aire Delivery Services Environmentally-Friendly Delivery and Recycling Services
  31. Gordon Werner's Commercial Aviation Resource Center graphical
  32. PRT: Logan 2000
  33. PRT (personal rapid transit)
  34. NYC Transportation Improvement Program Sample by Konheim and Ketcham
  35. WOMBATS WOmen Mountain Bike And Tea Society
  36. The Star-Ledger Eagleton Poll
  37. Veggie Recipes???
  38. Central Park For more info fayloga@CentralPark.org
  39. Mark Dufour
  40. Great Lakes shipping web page
  41. Ad Busters
  42. 5 Borough Bike Tour
  43. Complete NY Virtual Map is now online! The site has a "dynamic" virtual NY map! You can add hyperlinks on it to point to your favorite restaurants, add push pin to show people where you live, visit web sites on the map etc etc. It is... COOL.
  44. Official Amtrak Info
  45. American Public Transit Association
  46. The Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center (PAIRC), located at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning
  47. Frugal Corner including Coop Pages
  48. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
  49. Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  50. Newt Watch
  51. CALSTART electric, hybrid electric and natural gas vehicles as well as "smart" transportation technologies.
  52. Top Ten Ways New York City is Cutting Back
  53. Joe Brennan
  54. Center for Democracy and Technology
  55. Karl Swartz's sci.aeronautics.airliners airlines page
  56. The City of New York's Official Home Page
  57. The Center for Civic Networking
  58. League of American Bicyclists
  59. Schankman's list of browsers, GIS, other stuff
  60. Schankman's site of Colin R. Leech's list? by Larry Schankman
  61. Canadian National Railways
  62. CNI Telecom Save money on Long Distance and help support Peace, Human Rights,the Environment, Campaign Finance Reform, and AIDS Research.
  63. Flatbush Ave IRT-BMT diagrams by Joe Brennan
  64. New York Subway Map
  65. Park Slope Food Coop
  66. Pierre Jelenc Beer and all ???
  67. NYC Transit map info but that forwarded to...
  68. CSDENT
  69. Community Transportation Association of America Moving people, building communities
  70. Ron Newman
  71. Working Assests Long Distance
  72. Cycling Org! To add url: newurl@cycling.org.
  73. Delta Air Lines
  74. Disabled Travel
  75. WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City
  76. DART: Delaware Area Regional Transit
  77. Viva Veggie Society
  78. Bob Scheurle more info scheurle@eclipse.net
  79. NJT Schedules
  80. NJ Assoc of Railroad Passengers
  81. Ferry Info
  82. PATH Schedules
  83. Some shipping stuff???
  84. Electronic Privacy Information Center
  85. Peter Saint James author of Letter from a Busy Street: Traffic vs People and Shoestrings: Spiritual Learning Stories
  86. Bike Bridge Guide
  87. Critical Masses
  88. Garlic!
  89. HWY 17 Web Page of SHAME
  90. Greenpeace
  91. Greyhound Bus Lines
  92. Welfare Reform
  94. The Webville and Hypertext RR Co.
  95. We the People
  96. Wired Magazine
  97. Wheez's Page on mountain biking
  98. Shelton Walden's Vegetarian Activisim
  99. Pacifica Foundation Home Page
  100. McAuslan brewery
  101. Mt Marcy
  102. InfoHub WWW Travel Guide Including Biking Guide by selecting "Virtual Adventurer" then "Recreation."
  103. Ahead of the Torch: The Online Journal for Railroad and Industrial Preservation.
  104. intellicast
  105. Nite Life
  106. Jerry Dugal, who puts out CREED calendar
  107. CREED Calendar
  108. Taxis
  109. ITSA What's this?
  110. The Mack Truck Homepage
  111. David Pirrman's Subway site
  112. Transit phone numbers
  113. Pennsylvania and New Jersey domestic abuse statutes
  114. Northwestern University Transportation LibraryThis is the largest transportation library on this side of the world, and maybe in the world.
  115. MBTA's Site
  116. Unofficial Amtrak Info
  117. Cyberspace World Railway
  118. NYC virtual tourist page
  119. Maps of New York City Transit System. For more info nyc@mediabridge.com
  120. Metrobeat guide to events and restaruants in NYC
  121. The MIT Aztec is a two seater commuter car.
  122. Mother Jones
  123. The case against Gingrich?
  124. Gary Null
  125. MARTA and Atlanta '96 Olympic Info
  126. The New Electric Railway Journal
  127. netstuff Subway Site
  128. NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages
  129. NYC Board of Education
  130. New York Public Library
  131. Someone's NYC Transit Site
  132. NYC Stuff Web sites for Libraries, Museums, and other Real World Resources available to the NYU/NYC communities.
  133. Randy M Jones
  134. Clay's Government Page
  135. Clay's Beer Page
  136. E-Bikes NYC's Electronic Cycling Community
  137. Christos
  138. Danny LIeberman
  139. Left Business Observer
  140. Greenwich Village Halloween Parade
  141. Marc M
  142. New York City Inline Skating Guide
  143. Shabbir Safdar
  144. All the New York City Service Providers
  145. PC-Rail
  146. Idiots' Delight with Vin Skelsa
  147. The Political Network
  148. Electric Vehicles
  149. TWA Route Maps by Pablo Lewin
  150. People's Green Book gopher.nyc.pipeline.com:6625/11/pgb/city/transp
  151. The Renaissance Tropica
  152. River of Hope
  153. The Diesel Shop a site about the first diesel buses.
  154. The Society for Electronic Access
  155. NYC Area Internet Service Provider List provided by Society for Electronic Access
  156. Saint John Port Corporation, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  157. Map Site ?
  158. The Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing at Indiana University Bloomington
  159. Home of Pete's Bikindex
  160. NYC Tenant Net
  161. The Nation
  162. Transit Center
  163. Tri-Met Transit in Portland OR
  164. Dan Jay's Art
  165. Winter Cycling TipsCheck under "Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society."
  166. Union Pacific RR may work
  167. Union Pacific Technologies may work
  168. Union Pacific Railroad official?
  169. Ross from Habitat
  170. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Tax Forms
  171. NYNEX White/Yellow Pages???
  172. Websplash
  173. Virginia Railway Expressmay work?
  174. Matthew DeGraw many links to government resources and also has a page aboout New Yorks new budget.
  175. Nando Times News Service
  176. Intel Secrets
  177. Touring, Mountain Biking and Racing
  178. US Post Office has a zip code look up function!
  179. panixians in print
  180. The Electric Car Owners Club
  181. UTSG's Associated Files with the command "index utsg"
  182. Road Alert! UK
  183. The Internet Warm Showers List A list of Internet Cyclists who have offered their hospitality towards touring cyclists.
  185. War Resisters League Thinking of going into the military? Drop them a line.
  186. New York Public Library Catalog via telnet... Logon as nypl
  187. CPI
  188. Bike Laws on Mass Bike Page
  189. Same Site of the Day
  190. The Squat a parody of The Spot
  191. Wheeze a parody of Suck
  192. Yahoo! entertainment
  193. Advertising Parody
  194. Ad Busters
  195. Site of the week submission for Star Ledger
  196. Public Service Commission
  197. Computer and Net Stuff

  198. Voters Telecommunications Watch
  199. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  200. 2600: The Hacker Quarterly
  201. Web Page Statistic Program
  202. Gary A. Cerkas' NT Site
  203. HTML Specifications Internet Engineering Task Force. Look for "lid-abstracts.txt".
  204. Eudora 2.1.2 upgrade
  205. Eudora 32 Bit Upgrade You **must** be running 2.1.2 of Eudora for the patch to work. Then you will probably need to *delete* the following from the registry, or Eudora will not be able to locate the network connection. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppPaths\Eudora.exe. If you have the freeware copy of Eudora, you can't, to my knowledge, run the 32 bit version at this point. Hope this helps everyone else though.
  206. Winzip an NT compression program.
  207. DisKing File Management Software for NT
  208. Stroud's Review of Winsock stuff
  209. Lycos: The best web searching tool.
  210. Frequently Asked Questions About the Web
  211. Adobe The computer fonts and graphics software.
  212. Adobe Acrobat On line manual reader.
  213. Internet Engineering Task ForceThe collaborate on creating HTML Specifications.
  214. TimeSync for NT
  215. Paint Shop ProBe sure to get Paint Shop Pro 3.11 or later, becuase 3.0 does not support transparent GIF's.
  216. Graphic Workshop and GIF Construction Set
  217. Real Fiction
  218. Pages done in PSP 3.11
  219. A List of Sites Explaining How to Write in HTML. Making your own web page is a piece of cake!
  220. Webcrawler: Yet another web searching tool.
  221. Yahoo: Another web searching tool.
  222. Usenet News Clipping Service Sends you Usenet news that contains keywords that you select. Someone also mentioned to learn to grep (or nnkiboze) the panix news spool.
  223. McAffe Web Site for virus scanning software.
  224. for 32bit WWW browser, i think Netscape is the best, try the 1.22 first since the 2.0 is still in beta.
  225. The best newsreader Agent/Free Agent. Their registered ($29) version provides Usenet and email services. By End of year, they will have full 32bit app available. I am currently using the WinVN which is 32bit, i find it is also good.
  227. trucks
  228. ships
  229. highways
  230. watersdesign
  231. school of the americas
  232. Ned Ludd
  233. Thomas Hobbes
  234. John Locke

  236. American Civil Liberties Union
  237. NY Assembly
  238. Governor's Biography via Vote Smart
  239. Vote Smart Information NY's 21 dist.
  240. D'Amato's Vote Smart Biographical Data
  241. Moynihan's Vote Smart Information
  242. US Senate
  243. Senate Democratic Policy Committee
  244. Senate Republican Policy Committee
  245. Senior Senator from NY - Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D)
  246. SUNY Buffalo Summary of New York State
  247. Census Tables Housed HereLook for what you want.
  248. Tri-City Area Census Tables of Metro Areas
  249. New York Metro Area Census Tables Other address attempt.
  250. New York Metro Area Census Tables
  251. Albany Census Tables
  252. Brooklyn Census Tables
  253. Manhattan Census Tables
  254. 1990 Census Information in Lotus 1-2-3 Format
  255. Maastricht Treaty Full Text
  256. Maastricth Treaty Text Search
  257. NY Senate
  258. 43rd District - Joseph L. Bruno (R-C)
  259. Case Western Reserve University Law Library
  260. New York State Constitution
  261. New York State Statutes
  262. Cyclists Rights in NYS Law
  263. Other New York Gophers (via MARVEL)
  264. Toll-Free Numbers to NYS Agencies
  265. Governor's Database
  266. Governor George Pataki's 1995 Budget
  267. NY Legislative Branch
  268. NY Executive Branch
  269. Telecommunication s Exchange
  270. NYS Library Gopher
  271. Legislative Publications
  272. Governor
  273. 104th Congressional Record (1st session)
  274. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade - 1994
  275. International Trade Law
  276. Gingrich's Time Bomb--The Consequences of the Contract
  277. United Nations
  278. United States
  279. NyserNet Summary of New York State
  280. The Capitol Steps - Political Satire
  281. PolicyNet
  282. PolicyNet Cap Web
  283. PolicyNet Info on NY Senators
  284. PolicyNet Information search to NY's 21st District
  285. Solomon's Photo via Policy Net
  286. Scott Yanoff's Government/Politics List
  287. Socialist
  288. North American Free Trade Agreement
  289. My NYC coordinates on Map
  290. Norton's coordinates on Map
  291. GPO Superintendent of DocumentsFederal Register, Congressional Record, Bills and more.
  292. US Executive Branch
  293. The Political Participation Project
  294. Excellent Political and Government Resources! (Laws, Court Decisions, Legislators)
  295. C-SPAN
  296. C-SPAN Information on all members of congress Look for your own!
  297. C-SPAN Information on NY's 21 Dist
  298. D'Amato's C-SPAN Information
  299. Moynihan's C-SPAN Information
  300. C-SPAN Information
  301. NewtWatch WWW Pages - Watchdog organization keeping an eye on Newt Gingrich
  302. The Center For Democracy and Technology
  303. US Population at this instant. (est.)
  304. City Net Listings
  305. City Net for US
  306. New York State
  307. New York
  308. Institute for First Amendment Studies
  309. Walk Away IFAS's Help for Ex-Fundamentalists
  310. Democratic
  311. President's FY96 Budget
  312. Department of Defense
  313. FedworldLink to all sorts of US Agencies.
  314. Federal Judicial Center
  315. General Accouting Office
  316. US House of Representatives
  317. Republican Contract with America
  318. House Democratic Caucus
  319. House Democratic Leadership
  320. House Republican Conference
  321. House Member Directory on the House Web Site
  322. NY 21st District - Michael R. McNulty (D)
  323. CIA World Factbook
  324. The Progressive Directory @igc
  325. Interlaw Library A fun look at the law.
  326. Cornel Law School Library
  327. The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University
  328. Decisions of the NY Court of Appeals
  329. NY Civil Practice Law & Rules - Article 56 - Appeals to the Court of Appeals
  330. Court of Appeals
  331. Recent Decisions
  332. US Code
  333. US Constitution
  334. Cornell Law School Information
  335. Copyright Act
  336. Patent Act
  337. Libertarian
  338. League of Women Voters Publications
  339. WWW Virtual Library: National Govt. Sources
  340. The US House of Representatives Internet Law Library
  341. Code of Federal Regulations
  342. Rutgers Law Schoolsearch for title 39 art 3 ch 4-14.2 VTL
  343. Sierra Club - Atlantic Chapter
  344. WWW Virtual Library: Politics and Economics
  345. Infighting in Politics
  346. Eye On New York
  347. Pataki Watch
  348. Watch the Radical Right
  349. Democratic Digitals
  350. What's Newt? - another WWW site keeping an eye on Newt
  351. Yahoo - Government: Countries
  352. Yahoo - Politics
  353. Yahoo - 1996 US Elections
  354. Yahoo - Regional: Countries
  355. CUNY Political Science Department
  356. bruno@senate.state.ny.us


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