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Sensitive Areas Provide Insignificant Quantities of Oil and Natural Gas

All the oil and gas from the Outer Continental Shelf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will provide our nation with energy for less than 235 days

Conventionally recoverable undevelloped fossil fuels in both million barrels of oil equivalent (mbe) and days worth of United States energy consumption (days)

                             Oil              Natural Gas
                        ------------         ------------
                          mbe   days           mbe   days
                        -----   ----         -----   ----
Alaskan OCS               900     52             0      0
Acrctic Wildlife Refuge   620     36             0      0
Pacific OCS             2,040    118           910     93
Gulf of Mexico OCS        270     16           400     41
Atlantic OCS              230     13           800     82
                        -----    ---         -----    ---
Total                   4,060    235         2,110    215

mbe data provided by the United States Geological Survey, Minerals Management Service, 1989

Daily energy consumption data based on statistics in the Natural Resources Defense Council's report Looking for Oil in All the Wrong Places (Oil = 17.3 million barrels and Natural Gas = 9.8 million barrels equivalent). That report proves efficiency to be the largest and cheapest means to meet the energy needs of the United States.


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